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Introduction: Getting at the cause of terror

I want to show the relationship between the current manifestation of terror and the humanity of the past, between the human ego or self and the fear of annihilation, annihilation of oneís own existence, existential threat. What is behind Al Qaeda, Hitler or the White Supremacist is the fear of annihilation, an existential threat to their own survival, their way of life. They think that they are better than the rest of humanity and consequently, they must get rid of those who may infringe in their way of life. In someway Bin Laden is no different than Hitler or the White supremacist; they are motivated by the same drive. The slave owners did not have to treat blacks with such atrocities; they did so because they wanted to get rid of blacks because they feel that blacks would diminish their standing in the world. All of them have the same fear in common; they feel threaten by people that they feel could undermine their way of life. I want to show that there are three periods in human history that left their imprints on the psyche of humanity; they left their marks on the human psyche, stained and soiled humanity forever.
The three stains that soiled humanity:
Human_Consciousness I call them the three stains, because they left three marks on humanity that soiled the psyche of every human being on earth. These stains are imprinted forever on the psyche of humanity. Way after they are gone or no longer active, they left their stains on humanity. For example white people did not suffer terror during slavery, but humanity is still stained by their actions. Hitler did not put the entire world through the Holocaust but humanity still bear the mark, the stain of the Holocaust. Al Qaeda targeted mostly Western values and symbols, but humanity as a whole carries the mark or bear the stain of terror on their psyche. We are so busy fighting terror, protecting ourselves against terrorists that we ignore the cause of terror, what is driving them to hate the Western World so much. What I want to point out to you or make you aware of is that there are three periods of terror in human history that left their marks or imprints on the human psyche and that these three periods of terror have something in common; something that makes them all the same. They all have to do with the human ego, the self that seeks to separate itself, assert itself and protect itself because of the threat to its existence; is existence is threatened. See what happen to the self, the development of the seed of greatness that God places inside of us: Existential Threat

How do we get our self awareness, our ego?
Human_Color_Spectrum We assert ourselves by negating others, negating each other; this is how we resort differences and assert our identity in the world. You know that you are not me; you are better or lesser than me, because you want to resort the differences that separate us. It is the tendency to separate, to set apart that is the cause of terror. This we inherit from the devil, the spirit of separation. This is how he maintained his grips over humanity. What interest do I have to talk about this subject? Why donít I simply put it aside, ignore it or push it in the back of my mind? I could simply say that the world is what it is; things will eventually return to normal, the way God originally intended. This terror phase is only a chapter, a phase in our human history. After all it is not my effort for trying to understand terror that will make things return to normal. Most of us feel that way; if you are powerless to change things, you just ignore them, put them in the back of your mind. The question still remained that blacks are still disproportionately living in poverty, Al Qaeda is still interested in destroying Western values and symbols, sowing terror in our hearts; what do you do? .
What do you do? I am still angry at the terror inflicted on blacks by slavery; I have to ask God for answers. I need the truth to appease my spirit. Ask alli Gazel about the Holocaust; I am sure that he still angry; he wants answers from God; he is interested in the truth. If you are a victim of 911, you too would want to know why you; what did you do to deserve so much hatred. I am sure that people need answers; they want to know the truth; they want to know what is behind terror; this new phase of terror.

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The Bin Laden Effect:
Click image to see Humanity Past
Humanity is like a large elongated snake crawling its way up trough time; ContinuedÖ.

Declassified_The_Seed Imprinted in the psyche of this nation is the stain of terror, recorded in nature are the atrocities of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden as its leader. Terror has a new face but unlike slavery it is still here with us, lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike at our hearts. Both slavery and Al Qaeda left their marks on our psyche and will continue to hunt us until we discover and acknowledge who and what is behind them. We have a new face of terror, right now; we cannot deal with it dispassionately and objectively because this form of terror is new to us. It is a new phenomenon, a new makeover of terror; yet it is still terror none the less. The reason why we cannot yet pin it down and explain what causes this form of terror is because we are in a new phase of terror. We donít know for sure why people are so angry at us and choose terror as a mean to express their anger. Take slavery for example; there was something else other than the economy that made slavery such a terror. Besides the economic side of slavery, there was something else driven the atrocities of slavery; it is the same veracity and hatred that was directed toward blacks then that is now shown with Al Qaeda for the West. Something is driven these people to hate us with such intensity; the only way for us to find out why the hate us so much is for us to seek to understand the cause.

A Leader by Default:

Human_Consciousness Take Bin Laden for example; He was a leader for all of those who want to live in the reality of the past, preserve the past as their way of life. From the Pashtun tribes of Pakistan to the king of Saudi Arabia, to the Arab and Muslim world and to those who are still living in the jungle of Africa and in the Amazon Forest, he was a leader for them all. He not only wanted to live in the past, but cut himself off out of this world, from Christ the head of Humanity and the Western World and have a separate humanity apart from the one that God wants. He was willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that end, even sacrificing his own humanity, negating the rights of those who want to move forward. In this world there are two types of people, two separate realities; there are those who want to embrace the future and move forward with Christ and those who want to stay put and move backward to the past with the devil. God wants us all to move forward; this is why He inspired Dr. Chironna and Dr. Lance to put together a series to teach people how to become leaders in their respective field; in their sphere of influence. God wants us to work with Him so that He can help us take back territories from the devil that were stolen from us. We put this series in bite size, breaking it down in tidbits, easy for you to understand. Click to download Part I:    Your Invitation to Lead

Why we canít see the Enemy?:

Because we are in a new phase of terror that we are not yet familiar with; this is why we cannot see it; or we are too busy fighting and reacting to it that we ignore the cause. Sometimes God has to throw us a bone; helps us see the truth so that we can see reality as it is. God wants us to see the enemy in its true form, so that no matter what form it takes in the future, we can deal with it. There is only one enemy, however form it takes, in what phase we are or what season it is most active. It is the devil trying to keep us living in the reality of the past. We are always busy fighting terror in one form or another; we need to know who the enemy is. see: more..

The Many Faces of Terror:

Human_Consciousness Terror is terror in whatever form it takes; rather it was the atrocities of slave owners toward blacks, Hitler hatred toward the Jews or Al Qaeda intent to destroy Western Values; they are only faces of terror. There is only one thing behind the many faces of terror; do we know what it is? It is self, the ego, the desire to separate and to cut off others; from your world. The devil uses deception to trick us, everything he does is shrouded in mystery, in darkness; this is why we cannot really pin down the cause, the reason why people do things, what is driving them to behave the way they do. There was something else driven slavery other than the economy that made slavery such a terror. The hatred, the atrocities, the intent to do away with blacks, cut them off out of the possibilities of this world has nothing to do with the economy. It was the white people desire to cut themselves off from blacks, destroy blacks, deny them their possibilities because they think that they were superior to blacks and that blacks were going to take away from their way of life, make them appeared less than they were. What make terror all the same is that they left their imprints in our psyche, slavery, Hitler and Al Qaeda; they are all the same. Terror is the imprint they left on our psyche, hatred is what motivated them, and separation is the aim that they were trying to achieve.
Slavery = the intensity of hatred for blacks
Hitler = the intensity of hatred for the Jews
Al Qaeda = the intensity of hatred for Western Values
They are all have something in common, an existential threat, the fear of annihilation of self, the ego, the self that seeks to separate itself from, set apart from, stand above the rest, apart from the rest. The only way for us to deal with terror is for us to see it in its greater perspective. The perspective of the ego trying to preserve its way of life, by separating itself from others, stand above other, do whatever it takes to maintain its identity, thinking itself above others, having achieved a standard and not wanting that standard to be taken away by others, spoil by others, etc.. The only way for us to understand terror in whatever form it comes to us, is for us to go at its source.

The Supremacists Vs the Eastern Puritans:

Human_Consciousness Take white people for example; having all of the opulence and the abundance of this world is not enough, white privilege; they have to destroy everything that they feel could diminish or take away from their way of life; blacks were their main target. This is an existential threat for whites that wanted to stay on top and an existential threat for Al Qaeda that wanted to stay in the reality of the past, preserving their way of life. The West is a threat for the Eastern Puritanist. The Bin Laden Complex or the White Superiority Complex is the Ego or the Self at the exclusion of others that you donít see as part of you; your values; you want to get rid of or separate from those who you donít see as part of you; this is the real cause for terror.

The Game of Self:

Human_Consciousness You have to be careful that you donít sacrifice your humanity when you confront the enemy. Who is the enemy? The enemy is the person who is willing to sacrifice and put aside his humanity, his compassion for whatever reason, including his own to achieve his goal, his objective. You donít know when you become the enemy; you become the enemy when you are defending yourself at all cost, including ignoring the human factor. Bin Laden was willing to sacrifice women and children for whatever reason he thought was necessary to justify his acts of terror. In this process of self preservation, we need to be keenly aware of our humanity; we need to take up our cross as human beings, that is to embrace our humanity or we run the risk of becoming like him. He opened the road for the entrance of the devil into our lives. The more we try to protect ourselves, the more we become like him. ďLife is a balancing act between the forces that are restraining us backward and forces that are propelling us forwardĒ; it is wonderful when we are willing to sacrifice ourselves, our egos to make way for others. It is terror when we are willing to walk on others, the weak, the frail and the maimed to maintain ourselves, ignoring our frailty as human beings. This delicate balance can only be achieved when we become aware of what is at stake. What is at stake is our humanity.

Real Life:

Human_Consciousness Take the Tea Party for example; they have sound principles, conservative principles that will put the house in order, until they are willing to achieve that order at all cost even ignore the human factor, sacrificing all that is humanly acceptable such as compassion for the weak, the old, the young, the maimed, etc. If you canít find the middle ground; you will surely play in the hands of the devil. You cannot fight self with self; it will simply compound and exponentially increases. Understand the dynamics that shape human existence, get your tidbits of understanding, get your bite size of knowledge; here. Download the Power of Convergence Part II
Download also Power of Convergence Part III Learn to walk and work with God, learn how God operates in your daily lives, He will synergize you and exponentially increase your capacity to lead. He is the X factor, the one thing that will give you success in your assignment.

Why we cannot get to the enemy?:

Zbob_World One word for that is deception; deception is the one tool used by the enemy to deceive us. He was able to get into our lives through deception, camouflage; while we are busy fighting one thing, it is in actuality another. Hence you expose the enemy; it becomes vulnerable; you can stop him at its tracks. The only reason why you have not been able to get at the enemy is because the enemy has become you. You are fighting yourself, not knowing that there is an enemy behind you. The only way to get rid of the enemy is to expose it to the light. ďNow is the ruler of this world cast out, the darkness of this world cast outĒ. The enemy is you and yet it is not. It is you in very sense, yet it is a foreign element. This is why you cannot get rid of the enemy; you need to learn from a master; the one sent by God to destroy his works. Jim Crow, Apartheid, Hitler, Nazi, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, whatever form or individual that we are battling doing the works of the enemy; we must identify and know who is the real enemy behind their works. The challenge is not in the works; the challenge is in exposing the enemy. You cannot unmask the enemy without the grace of God, the light of God to shine on the darkness of this world. God has given me the light; now I am shining the light on Al Qaeda

Concluding the Matter:

Portrait_the_Enemy Bin Laden had an existential fear, the fear of annihilation; he was a wounded man with a bruised ego, a defeated man who took upon himself a cause that he knew that could not win. He was a leader for all of those who aspire to live in the past, preserve their way of life. He has a bruised ego, a man caught up in the game of self. Self separated you from God and from your fellow human beings; he was no different that the white supremacist who wanted to separate himself from the rest of humanity, thinking that he is superior to blacks because of his privilege in the world. He was apartheid in reverse, he was Hitler in reverse. It is still the same game of self that we all must avoid. Christ is the antidote against the self; He will help you achieve the influence in your sphere without ego. God assigned you to your sphere in the first place; your influence in this world is on Him, to think otherwise is to allow yourself to be played in the hands of the devil, the enemy of humanity; your arch rival, the enemy of your soul.
My View on Terror

A World: to Come

Separation God wants to reconcile the world to Himself, making humanity whole again, no division, no separation, one spirit and one flesh. The world is split up right now because of the devil. Since day one the devilís intent was to split humanity and separate us from God. But God in His love and mercy had a plan to redeem us from the grips of the devil. God sent us Jesus Christ to destroy the works of the devil. ďNow is the ruler of this world cast, the darkness of this world cast outĒ. A world will soon come when Godís will be done on earth as it is done in heaven, when humanity will be one again.

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