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Changing the Human Condition in your Country
Changes in our slums and ghettoes will not be achieved by technology, but by awareness; awareness of the forces that restrained us and keeping us behind. We are living in a state of social stagnation and decays because of the forces that are restraining us. Poverty is a direct result of these forces. Trying to eradicate poverty without the awareness of the forces that restrain us, is like trying to fill up the ocean with rain drops, no matter how much rain that fall in the ocean, it will never be filled. Awareness is like global warming, awaking humanity out of its slumber. It will take something like global warming to melt enough ice to make a difference in the sea level. As such it will take awareness to affect enough people to advance socially, spiritually and mentally, to make a difference. At the core of human existence are forces that either restraining or propelling people forward. Negation is one of the force that is restraining and keeping people behind. Understand how this force works and how it affects people is important, if we are going to keep in check social stagnation and poverty around the world. Deep in the human psyche is the working of these forces, below is a picture depicting the working of these forces, how they affect our perception and how they influence the way we affirm or negate people.

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In the visible light spectrum people respond to color from two points of influence; either from a point of no light, the beginning of the wave or from a point of maximum light, the end of the wave. These two points create a system of influence, either by ascending or descending, negating or attaining. Human lives revolve around these two points of influence.

Visible Light

Zbob Albert Stein passion for light led him to the discovery of E= MC2, the theory of relativity. Human beings are able to perceive objects in the world because of visible light. In the electromagnetic spectrum there are different frequencies of electromagnetic waves; one of such wave is visible light. Visible light comes in a spectrum of wavelength that we see as color or perceive as different luminescence of light. This wavelength of light has various degree of progression of visible light. This wavelength of light vacillates between two extreme points; from a point of no existence and no light to a point of maximum brilliance of light or white light. This wavelength of light is responsible for our perception; it makes it possible for us to see and differentiate objects. I believe that this visible light plays a greater role in human perception than previously thought. I believe that there is a relationship between the progression of luminescence in the wave and the way people respond to color. It is my belief and conviction that the two extreme points of progression in the visible light spectrum affect people behavior; they are what caused them to either affirm or negate. I believe that the alternation between the two extreme points of progression of the wave is what affects human behavior. The alternation of the wave affects human behavior because the two extremes points of the wave caused the perception of certain color to trigger in people an impulse either to negate or to affirm. I am going to prove that these two extreme points of progression of visible light act on human beings as forces and that these forces affect people by their affinity to them and compel people to react affirmatively or negatively. I am calling these forces Attainment for more and Negation for less. These forces compel people to react to color in proportion to the progression of the wave. The closer the color we perceive is to beginning of the wave, the closer and greater the affinity to Negation and the closer the color we perceive is to the end of the wave the closer and greater the affinity to Attainment. Color in our perception becomes the yard stick by which Attainment and Negation are measured. Attainment and Negation become the driving forces in our world, Attainment for acceleration and Negation for restriction. See picture above: Colors are points of progression in the visible light spectrum.

Blackness and Poverty: a common denominator


The Teacher Eradicating hunger and poverty around the world is like taken a trip to the moon by the way of the sea. We must be willing to look in all the wrong places for answers. However improbable it seems to be, we must start with the obvious. I don’t know why people resent the idea but if we are really serious about a solution, not contented with cosmetic patches that don’t last, we must start with color. It requires great efforts to do great undertakings; sometimes it takes radical shifts, deviating from our normal way of doing things to achieve certain objectives. Taking a man to the moon, building the Panama Canal are such great undertaken. They require collective efforts, radical thinking and enormous amount of resources to achieve them, When it comes to deal with poverty and hunger in the world, it seems impossible to approach these problems without taken in account the blackness of it. When we look at poverty around the world, blackness is the only common denominator that we have. Therefore, it should be the point of departure in our quest to get rid of poverty in the world. Here are some statistics to back up this claim.



Levels_Of_Awareness “The statistics speak for themselves; poverty affects disproportionately people of darker complexion. Three quarters of those living in poverty in the world live in Africa. To exclude Africa out of the world population is to reduce poverty around the world by eighty percent. Out of the G eight leaders that posed for pictures in the economic summit; only one Asian could closely represents someone of the darker race complexion, everyone else was white”.

Therefore if we are serious about a solution, rather blackness is the main cause of poverty or the predominant cause, it is obvious to all that we must start with color. In order for the leaders of the world to approach the problem of hunger and poverty as a problem of blackness, it will require a radical shift in our thinking, a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve our goal.

Babel Syndrome: Third World Mentality


Third World Counties


Humanity_Whole The Babel Syndrome is the cause of poverty in the Third World. The Babel Syndrome often called Third World Mentality is a mental state characterized by the fixation of our consciousness on a single need; it is a state of bewilderment and confusion. Fixation of consciousness happened when a person mind is fixated on a single need, excluding every other needs that need becomes the driving force in that person life. The person sees and deals with the world trough the prism of that need. Everything he or she sees and does is done trough the dictates of that need. Unable to see anything outside that need, he or she can never link together with others to share their vision or coming together collectively as a unit to achieve great things. The consequences of that state of mind are that it creates a disorderly society, a lopsided world that is often called, Third World.See the solution: One Remedy


Fighting Against: Third World Mentality



Levels_Of_Awareness US Against Third World Mentality is a campaign against poverty and social stagnation in the third world. It is a campaign to get rid of the Third World the very cause of poverty. Aids and hunger are ravaging the continent of Africa right now. The statistics speak for themselves; poverty affects disproportionately people of darker complexion. Three quarters of those living in poverty in the world live in Africa. To exclude Africa out of the world population is to reduce poverty around the world by eighty percent. There is a cause and there is a solution; the aim of this campaign is to show the cause and point out the solution.  


A World to Come

A time will soon come when dispensation on earth will not be given to us by our affinity to the forces for Attainment or Negation but by righteousness. Transformation of our slums and ghettoes will not be achieved by technology but by awareness, awareness of the forces that restrains us and keep us behind.


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Reader's Comments

Dear Robert, Do agree with your Babel Syndrome and Negation on the root-cause level and spiritual level but have doubts about your deduction analysis of economic realities: You would be happy to know that according to UN studies and IMF Studies: India and China are both Super powers economically and militarily. Indian & Chinese together consist of more than 60% of the worlds population and are definitely "coloured" not white. The European & American economies would collapse if the so-called coloured immigrants would be sent back to their economies

Response to Reader's Comments

I am glad that someone agrees with me that the root cause of poverty is spiritual and that if we are going to make a difference that is fundamental in eradicating poverty around the world, we must look at the spirit. God promised to bless all of the families of the earth through the seed of righteousness; I believe that God can only bless us through our spirit. "Everything that we do and everything that we are rests on the spirit. It is the spirit that gives life". Jesus is the seed of righteousness, the One who will baptize us with spirit and fire. It is the spirit that empowers us to prosper. When I look at the devastating effects of aids and hunger in Africa, you know that are caused by poverty.

In answer to your response, I did not know that China and India were considered rich countries. I believe that they were considered emerging nations, on the brink, just breaking the barrier past the level of poor countries. These two countries are promising nations to soon join the rank of rich nations, but still the majority of their populations are living in poverty. Though China and India account for 60% of the world population, they are still behind the Europeans or whites nations. My point is that when I look at the disparities that exist between whites and blacks, the extreme poverty that exists in Africa, the trailing of blacks consistently behind whites around the world, I can only see Negation as the cause. There is an unnatural disposition in people to negate that WHICH IS BLACK. There is an impulse imbedded in the psyche of people that is driving them to cut off blacks out of the possibilities of this world, denies them their existence; I think that we must first address this problem before we can solve the cause of poverty. Bill Gates, Borno and Bill Clinton are just some of those who want to alleviate the world of poverty. I think that no amount of resources they may have will make much difference or a lasting difference in their fight against poverty, without a spiritual understanding of the cause of poverty. I believe that people must also be involved in their own spiritual transformation, if the fight is going to be successful. Like rain drops trying to fill the vastness of the ocean without much success, it is the same fight against poverty without awareness. We can never have enough resources to totally eradicate poverty around the world. It will take the like of a global warming to make a dent in the level of the ocean; as such it will take human awareness to make a fundamental difference in our fight against poverty. Without awareness of the forces that restrain and keep humanity behind in a state of stagnation, all of our efforts will be absorbed by the enormity of the problem.

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