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The Mysteries of the Bible
Bible Sequel Series 3.16.16

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Introduction: Asserting our identity

Our ministry is about abundance, teaching people how to be part of the abundance of life. You cannot be part of the abundance of life without first understand the identity that God created you to be. This section deals with understanding the identity that God wants us to have, it deals with the consciousness that God created us to be. That consciousness is the identity of man; this identity is revealed in Christ Jesus. This section deals with how human beings assert their identity in the world, how people arrive at the understanding of who they are. This section helps people understand the difference between consciousness and awareness, the being that we are and the understanding of that being. This section is about understanding the identity of the human consciousness, how the ideal human being is revealed in Christ Jesus. The awareness of our identity in Christ Jesus is achieved in living a particular lifestyle. Jesus prescribed the lifestyle that can increase our awareness of the identity that God set for us. Life is measured in intensity; the ultimate intensity of life is abundance. Jesus came to give us access to that abundance. This section deals with the process by which the devil uses to deny people their possibilities in life; denies them access to the abundance of life. Weights are added to souls at birth, the devil tool is Negation, destroying our identity to the consciousness that God created us to be. Without awareness of that identity; we cannot partake in the abundance of life; the devil will deny us. By denying us access to experience life to the fullest, he denies us the possibility to develop a full awareness of the being that God created us to be. Jesus came to give us access to the abundance of life; His way of life is the path; it is the pattern for our true identity, the antidote against the works of the devil.

Abundance: is the game of life

Self_Identity The measure of life is abundance and the way to access it is through your identity; knowing who you are in Christ Jesus. Who has the power to open the gate; He who has won the battle in your behalf. If you take on His identity, the keeper of the gate has no choice, but to let you in. “Lift up your heads, o ye gates, even lift them up, ye everlasting doors, and the King of glory shall come in”. The question of identity is forever settled in Christ Jesus; In Christ, you are a new creation. The whole question of life is about identity; and access to abundance; if you don’t know who you are, who God made you to be; the devil can make you pass for what you are not. He has been busy testing our identity to see who is aware of the consciousness that God created him to be. He has been doing that since the beginning, trying to deceive us, stolen our identity. He even tried to do the same to Jesus, catching Him in His moment of need, trying to test His awareness of who He was. If you are not aware of who God made you to be; if you are not conscious of the reality that God made you to be, the devil can trick you. The devil is busy using people shortcomings, transgressions, violations of the law of God to deny them access to the abundance of life. He is using abundance, the measure of life to promote himself, consolidate his grip on humanity. Every times you violate the law of God; you give the devil permission to use you as fuel to sustain his system of dispensation.
Weights are added at birth through the gate you enter this world. He set those gates that deny people access to the possibilities in life. Denying blacks access to the possibilities of this world is one of the way he maintained gates for souls to experience life on earth. Life is measured in intensity; abundance is the ultimate intensity of life. Jesus came to give you full access to the abundance of life.

Stealing your identity:
What happen to you is not your identity, what is put on you at birth doesn’t define you. You must know who you are in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the great equalizer; He has given us a chance to bypass the system of this world, the way of the devil. Blacks are negated around the world; this is a fact of life. Negation is a tool of the devil, an instrument for him to maintain this system of things that is running the world. Every black man has a chip on his shoulder, a stain that scarred his soul, his psyche. Slavery is what happened to you; it can no longer be put down on you as a weight to hold you back. For years, the emissaries of the devil put on you a label of shame. They added so much weight on your identity that you did not know who you are; who God created you to be. The forces that negated your existence, cut you out of the possibilities of this world have tried to strip away your identity as a man. It was so much so that you could not express your thoughts and feelings. Standing next to a Whiteman, you feel less than equal. Your tongue get tied, your feelings got bottled up inside of you; you had become what they labeled you. Christ Jesus is releasing you, giving you access to the awesome power of God, giving you the ability to create first class world, Better Living World to live.

Putting you down, destroying your identity; the moment that you accept his lies, he owns you. The shame, the guilt are tools, instruments in the hands of the devil trying to use you as fuel to sustain his system of dispensation. Negation is the tool, an instrument of the devil, denying you your possibility to share in the abundance of life. We cannot equate what the devil has done with humanity with the white race; he simply hijacked the white race to promote his idea. He wants to challenge Jesus as the light of the world. He had no power to do that, the closest that he can be to light is promoting everything white as light. His victory over humanity is promoting whiteness as the light of the world, the measure, the standard for humanity. This was the stain that soiled the psyche of humanity. Jesus is the standard, the measure that God set for humanity, the ideal human being that we need to become.
White, yellow, red and black are the different variations of the one race, the human race, one flesh and one blood. This foe is defeated; he is the darkness of the world, not the light of God that is guiding every soul.

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