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I am Zbob; Below is an image depicting what happen to the seed of greatness that God places inside of us and when it is not developed what happen to us. It is a true rendering of the development of the seed of greatness in its various stages of development. Use your imagination to turn this image into a teaching tool, to help people understand what happen to the seed of greatness when it stops developing inside of us. Contact me and I will give you the details. This is an opportunity for you to earn money using your talents, your gift to help people understand this new concept.

Use this picture to make a teaching tool

Profiling the Seed:
Profiling_the_Seed I want to profile the development of the Seed using two individuals that have been the source of terror in the world, Hitler and Bin Laden. Hitler represents a plateau in the development of the seed. He has reached a certain height and found himself at the summit (au sommet) or at the top of his mountain. He was filled with pride and self importance, he felt that he has reached the top and did not need to go any further. He used his race as a vehicle to express his self importance. Bin Laden is the opposite; he has stopped growing and developing. He has reached a dead-end in his stage of development and has stopped developing. He was holding on to the past because he felt that his life was getting to be irrelevant and find comfort in the past. He felt that the future has no place for him. He was regressing backward instead of moving forward. In both cases, they were driven by an existential threat, a fear of annihilation of their existence.

It is the fear of annihilation of our own existence that turned us into the enemy. When we stop developing either because we have reached a dead end or a plateau in the course of our development, we automatically enter into a state of enmity with God. There is an antagonistic stance that issued there after because the seed of greatness that God has placed inside of us automatically entered into a state of enmity with God. The need for recognition, affirmation is as powerful as the need for survival. The fear of becoming irrelevant, the fear of rejection is the same fear as the fear of annihilation driven by either the need to survive or the need for affirmation, both are existential threats.  Silence Zbob Close

Note: Bin Laden used the indignation of the Muslims for their defeat by the Christians to gain recognition. Since Christianity is associated with Western values, anything Western became a target for his Cause Célèbre, a mean to rally supporters. His need for recognition was translated to the Muslim cause. The United States being the leader of the Western world became his target. This is no different than Hitler hatred for the Jews, because they were successful in everything they do and they did not necessarily look like him, at least not all of them; getting rid of them would keep the myth of his race superiority, his self-importance. The Jews were a threat to his existence, because their achievements were dispelling everything that gave him his sense of importance.  Silence Zbob Close

The end of an era:
The_Seed_of_Greatness The end of an era and the beginning of a new one which also presents for us an opportunity to make money; we are entering a new era where what used to work for us is no longer working and what we think was important takes secondary place now. This is a unique opportunity for us to re-educate ourselves and search for new solutions. I am offering you a great opportunity to show your love in service and to tap in the greatness that is inside of you. Money answers all things the greatest Wiseman whoever lived said, working to make money while providing a service is not a bad thing. Download the information on this page and other links provided to create an educational tool that will serve to educate people about the seed of greatness that God placed inside of them, how when not develop becomes the source of terror, the cause of poverty and suffering in the world. The materials on this page show you how the good seed inside of us become the seed of wickedness when it reaches a plateau or a dead end in its course of development. If you are an illustrator, a cartoonist, a 3D animator, you can use the information on this site to create an educational tool for Governments to use in school, to educate people about the seed of greatness that God places inside of them, show them what happen to the seed when it is not developed, how it changes from the good seed to the bad seed. There is enmity between the good seed and the bad seed hence it changes from good to bad, what we can do to prevent that happening. Silence Zbob Close

CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT We have two fundamental problems in the world, there is one cause and one solution for them and both of them are gobbling up our resources and changing our way of life. To change them, it will require us to understand the cause of their existence and the active participation of all governments in the world to teach their people and educate them about the cause. This is the end of an era because we can no longer (continue) to sustain the path that we have been taken to solve these problems and the beginning of a new one because we have a new understanding of the cause that can allow us to chart a new course. We can use this new path to educate our people on what is driving them to behave the way they do and motivate them to redirect their energy using the their God given power to create a better world for themselves, improve their living condition, etc. We need to show them the truth about themselves, show them that people who strap bombs on themselves to kill themselves and killing people are actually avoiding the fear of facing themselves. T hey have missed their marks one way or the other, rather than facing the choices that God put before them; t hey are playing off the field thinking that their actions will redeem them. It is in actuality an act of cowardice. If we can show to them that the fear of facing oneself is greater than the fear of death. Just like the fear of snake is greater in some people than the fear of death. They are avoiding themselves. I am certain that the fundamental problem that is driving people to kill themselves and kill others is a displacement, a misguided fear that they would rather face death than facing themselves, their true nature, the choices that God places before them. They are scoring from where their scores will not count, off the field; this is the reason why they are lagging behind, left behind. God is not going to change for them; if they don’t make the choices that He places before them; they will not make t he grade. God does not change for us; we must change to meet God where He wants us to be. Countries are classrooms; those who failed to make their grade will be bundled up into regions, countries. There is always going to be a remnant of people who don’t make the grade. This is the reason why we have people among us that are still living in the mentality of eras that are long gone. I will not be surprise that in some corner of the world you will find people whose mentality was that of the time of Moses or Abraham. If t hey cannot sustain their existence as a nation; they will be dismantled; this is the reason why we have failed nations.  Silence Zbob Close

Dispensation System on Earth

The End of an Era: Announcing a new beginning
CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT behind them, they will change our way of life and we may not recover. Why we are spending money that we don’t have trying to solve a problem we can’t solve? The reason is simple; we don’t know the source of these problems. This is an opportunity for us to make money, we are entering into a new era; too much of our resources are tided up into overcoming poverty and protecting ourselves from terrorism. The solution to these two problems is in the seed, the development of the seed. Let us look at the seed and see what it is, how it is a problem and a solution at the same time. Two problems, one cause and one solution and they are all tided up with the development of the seed. The intricate aspect of it is that the whole system of dispensation on earth is based on the development of the seed. The slums of the world, the object poverty is West Africa, the state of terrorism that exist in the Middle East are all tided up with the development of the seed. I am providing you with a rendering of the development of the seed and how it becomes a problem and also a rendering of this system of dispensation, how it is tided up with social stagnation and poverty. I am challenging you to use your imagination so that you can turn these two pictures and their descriptions into educational tools for teaching people about the development of the seed, human development, the forces that are driving people to behave the way they do. Silence Zbob Close

The End of Poverty
Closing the slums of the world in country like South Africa, Haiti, Mexico, Brazil, India Closing the gates of hell literally, using a two prongs approach to a singular problem. Let us begin with the solution, because the solution is in the problem or Vise versa. The problem is in the seed. Let us look at the seed

The End of Terrorism
Jesus died for us all, there is no need for us to continue dying for them, or making our lives miserable, change our way of life for them. We have our debts ceiling several times since 911 partly because of them to improve our security and protect our people from them. We need to make their governments accountable for their citizen, their action. To do that we must do it with love for without love they will reject whatever good we may have to tell them for their own people. You cannot get rid of a virus without the body own immune system. Their governments have to do the job. They have to aggressively campaign to show their people what is happening to them, why they are resulting to solve their problems with violence.

I have the perfect tool to help them. I am inviting you to participate. This is also an opportunity for you to make money. If you are a cartoonist, an illustrator, an animator, you can turn this tool into an animation something easy that all government in the Middle East and other regions where people are lagging behind, left behind, given their lives to violence and destruction can use to turn their people around. Instead of wasting their energy into destruction, they can instead learn to tap in the creative power that God places inside of all of us, the power to do good, improve their living condition. They can use that tool to educate their people. This has to be a deliberate act by those governments to change the direction of their people. We must pressure them, make them accountable for the actions for their citizen, however we must do it with love. Show them that it is in their interest to do so, for their own survival depends on it.  Silence Zbob Close

   Your Invitation to Lead
You are at the end of yourself; you cannot go any further; you reach a dead end, a plateau in your stage of development; you need help. The Power of Convergence can help you continue your race; it will teach you how to surrender your ego to God so that He can help you achieve success in your assignment. God will use the gifts and the talents He gave you, together with the passion He puts in your heart; He will help you maximize your potential, helping you operate at pick performances in whatever sphere he assigned you to work with Him. You can continue the race, download the manual, Click



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