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Why we talk about difficult subjects: race and terrorism
Self_Identity You cannot talk about anything pertaining to the devil without getting soiled, feeling dirty. Why we talk about race and terror on this site; we do, because they are relevant issues of the day. Since we are about awareness, helping people increase their spiritual awareness; it appropriate that we talk about anything spiritual that affects us. We talk about race because the system that is running the world is based on the disparity that separate people by race. Race disparity is a spiritual thing; this is why no one has been able to pin down the cause for why blacks lag behind consistanly behind whites in achievements. God has given us the revelation inn Christ Jesus; today we know the reason for the disparities that separate blacks and whites in their achievements in the world. We assert our identity in the world, by resorting differences among ourselves. Restraining one race and promoting another has been a mean to resort differences in human achievements. There is no adversarial system without the mean to resort difference. Creating disparity to separate people by race has been a way for the devil to control humanity. We also talk about terrorism on this site because terror is really a problem related to human social and spiritual development; this is why the kingdom of the devil is built on restraining humanity backward. Every time people are lagging behind and not be where God wants them to be; the potential for wickedness is increased. Because people are not where God wants them to be; they are under the spell of the devil, parts of the darkness of this world.


Understand the Adversarial System: that is running the
The struggle is not really between blacks and whites; they happen to be the two extreme ends of the color spectrum of the human race. The struggle is bout resorting differences between people to maintain the adversarial system. There will be friction in the process; this is why the devil does it. By restraining one race and promote another, the devil ensures disparity between them. Those disparities in achievements cause people to resort differences and use them to boast their ego, separate themselves from each other. This is the original sin allover again; we are perpetually consuming the fruit of what we classified as good on ourselves and reject what we don’t want to be part of ourselves as evil. The devil is the spirit of separation. If there is no disparity to separate us; he will instigate one. This is what we do to define our identity; this we inherit from the devil, the spirit of separation. There is another way that God wants us to follow; Jesus is that way. The
precepts in His teachings tell us what to do to follow Him, to become Him. In order to take on His identity as our own; we must deny the self and take up our cross, meaning embrace our humanity.

Zbob Talking about race or talking about terror; we are talking about the darkness of the world, the works of the devil. Our site is about promoting Jesus the avenue that God gives us to access His blessing. Our job is increase people knowledge of the system that is restraining them, helping them understand the forces that affect them. We are trying to help people understand how they can access the blessing of God for their lives. Your faith in Christ Jesus is your measure of righteousness. It is all the right that you need to take the quantum leap of faith to be where God wants you to be. God’s system is not a wave, progressing from dark skin to light skin, where light skin people have all rights to the possibilities of this world. God wants humanity as a whole to be under His blessing, all of the family of the earth. Your righteousness is of Him, you have rights to access the blessing of God if you are in Christ Jesus. The reaper shall overtake the sower, Jesus said; you may come to work at the eleventh hour, but your salary is the same as the one who started at the seventh hour.

Consuming the fruit of: our knowledge
Everything that God created; He was pleased with. There are only people who are on their way to be perfect as God is perfect. If you are closer to that perfection; they are not too far behind you. God does not want you to reject them, stepping on them. God said; “Here I put before you life and death; chose life”; this is the only thing that God urged us to do; is to choose life. We are not to consume the fruit of better than on ourselves; the fruit of separation. Life is what God is all about. He sent His Son to give us access to experience life to the fullest. The devil is the opposite; if there is no justification for him to restrain people, keeping them behind; he will instigate a way. God wants us to embody the spirit of
reconciliation. He wants us to be comfortable in both worlds, the haves and the haves not; those who are well on their way and those who are far behind. President Obama embodied the spirit of reconciliation; he is comfortable in both worlds, among blacks as well as among whites, the haves and the haves not. He is the gift of God to this country. How to embody the spirit of reconciliation; you become that by living the life prescribed by Jesus. Hence you accept God’s plan for your life and receive Jesus; you already have that spirit in you. Jesus wants you to live the life that will manifest it for others to see. God wants you to glorify Him in the earth. It is in living the life that we manifest the nature of God in us. Jesus came to make your experiences in life full.

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Worlds of people: and the mission of Jesus
We cannot talk about worlds of people without talking about Jesus’ mission on earth. He came to give you access to life, makes you part of the abundance of life. You must know what the spirit of separation did to rob you of your access to the abundance of God in order to understand the benefits of living the
precepts that Jesus prescribed for you to live. The struggle, the division are all works of the devil; God wants us to inherit a new spirit, replacing that of the devil. He wants us to embody the spirit of reconciliation. The devil brought separation and division into our world; God wants the opposite. He wants a whole world moving forward, with no tail of people trailing behind. The image of the serpent is an elongated body with a tail, crawling. God does not humanity crawling through time and space. He wants a humanity whole, moving forward at accelerated speed. The life of acceleration is ours in Christ Jesus.

Take the Quantum Leap: of faith
The only progression in Christ is our faith; our faith will grow as we live the
lifestyle he prescribed for us. The moment that you accept Him as your access to God; you can be seating with Him in heavenly places where God is. With Christ Jesus, you can take the quantum leap of faith to be where God wants you to be. Jesus gave us a snap shot of what the end of this system will be. “The reaper shall overtake the sower ”; “A person who starts late will receive the same salary as the one who start early”. This is what accelerate living will do for you; hence you are in Christ Jesus; your justification is no longer by works, but by grace. You can seat at the table in heavenly places with Him. The mind that is in Christ Jesus is also in you; no matter how far removed you seem to be from the head; you are part of Christ. You don’t need to envy those who are far behind for doing what you do; God has made it possible for them to catch up. In Christ, they are a new creation; the past is no more; all have become new.

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