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Who is God?
Is God one? Can God be both universal and personal at the same time?
I am going to let Jesus explains God from His perspective, the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the personal aspect of God. This is the fundamental difference between Christianity and other religions, God is personal. I am going to show how the vastness, the splendor and the infinite nature of the universe can be measured and be personal to us. Using Jesus’ own words, I am going to illustrate, explain and make it simple for people of any faith to understand the universal and personal aspects of God.


Jesus said to His disciples that: ”It is expedient that I go to the Father so that He can send the Holy Spirit ”. God the Father is pure consciousness, everything is in Him; “with Him, by Him and for Him”. The flow of that consciousness as it is known to us in Christianity is the trinity, the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus explained the mystery of the Trinity as the consciousness of God flows to us in these words. “No one come to the Father, except the Father sent him “ which means that you must first live your life in a way that reflects Jesus' life, to the expectation of God, before God can send you to the Son to baptize you with His spirit. God is looking for someone that reflects His nature. He is looking for His original intention. Any fool can see that there is an order in the universe and there is some consciousness maintaining that order. This is God in His universal aspect; He is looking for order and perfection. There is a standard to that perfection and if you can take on that standard and make it your own; God becomes personal to you. He is looking for that standard and with that standard you can measure His infinite nature, His vastness and make Him personal to you. He is always seeking for that standard, it is that standard that is the tell tale sign of His signature that gives you access to Him and makes Him personal to you. It is the identity of His Son that is the standard, this is the only begotten Son of the Father, the only thing that ever came out of God. It is through that standard that He created everything else. This is the Son of God and Jesus is the manifestation of the standard that God is looking for in us before we can become personal to Him and Him personal to us.

After me shall come One who shall baptize you with Spirit and fire; with His winnowing fan in His hands, He shall separate the wheat from the chaff, but the chaff, He will consume with unquenchable fire ”. He will cleanse you by trial and fire, making you fluid, flexible and send you back to God. God cannot stand rigidity, stiff necked people; you must first be transformed before God can deal with you and become personal to you. “I am the way and the light”; If you follow the precepts, in His teachings; they will make you fluid and flexible, able to flow with the quickening of the spirit, the world around you, easy to make the turns, adjust to the subtle changes around you. God’s spirit is like the wind; you cannot be too deeply rooted, too settled in your ways; His spirit cannot deal with such. “I will not go in their midst, less I consume them on the way”. God was telling Moses that these people were too rigid, too settled in their ways; they were stiff-necked people; His presence will destroy whatever was not right in them, they could not keep up with his quickening, they were stiff-necked people. God will not deal with you at all; He cannot stand your rigidity, until you become fluid and flexible like the wind, able to flow with His quickening and you show sign of His signature, His standard of being. Jesus is the standard, the only mark that you must reach before God can give you access to His spirit. Jesus must first baptize you with the spirit of God, that is, He must first make you fluid and flexible, quickens you enough so that you can flow with the spirit of God.  


Jesus said further that “It is expedient that I go to the Father so that He can send the comforter, the Holy Spirit, and when He comes, He will teach you all truths ”. God is reconciling the world to Himself, making the world as perfect as He is through His Son, the only begotten of God, the only thing that ever came out of Him, His standard of being, His standard of righteousness. Jesus is the manifestation of that standard, what God is looking for in us before He can become personal to us and us personal to Him.

Solving the Mystery
The_TRiune_God The greatest mystery for the non Christian world is the Trinity, one God in three personalities, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Today I am going to use science, empirical observation, non-refutable facts, Jesus’ own words, the testimonies of John the Baptiste and Paul to explain and make simple for people to understand that the consciousness which is running the Universe is God and show them how that consciousness can become personal to them. I want to show how the vastness and infinite nature of God can become personal to us. I will also show the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam.



How the Universe is Measured?
Pure_onsciousness God is pure consciousness and that consciousness maintains order and perfection in the universe and that order is also transcribed to us; it is woven in nature. It is universal, impersonal, it encompasses all things. There is a vastness and infinite aspect to the universe; everything is it; this is the impersonal side of God. You can measure this infinite universe and make it personal to you by taken on its standard of righteousness; Jesus is that standard. How you live your life, apply the precepts in the teachings of Jesus in your life; determine rather you can become the standard that God had in mind when He created you. It is that standard that makes God personal to us and us personal to Him. It is that standard that gives us access to the power of God to create better living world for us to live. You cannot access the creative power of God without the Spirit of God; Jesus came to give you access to His spirit. I come so that you may have life and has it more abundantly”. To be part of the abundant life, lacking nothing, you need the Spirit of God. “Everything that we do and everything that we are, repose on the Spirit; it is the Spirit that gives live, animates the body”. It is His spirit that becomes the creative power behind our creativity. Hence we become the standard that God had in mind when He created us; we also have access to His mind, His way of doing things. We need the mind of Christ, to be able to probe the deep things of God; Jesus has the mind of Christ. We need to have His Holy Spirit inside of us to get access to His creative power. It is the Son that gives us access to His Holy Spirit; it is by taken on His standard of being that we become sons. It is by following Jesus as the standard that God set for us that we too become sons of God, perfect as God is perfect. “Therefore be ye as perfect as thy Father in heaven”. So it is the Son that gives us access to the Holy Spirit of God and it is the Holy Spirit of God which teaches us all things. How do we get to that spirit and access the mind of God; we get access to the spirit through the Son. “I am the way, the life and the light ”; this is as literal as Jesus can be; He is telling you the truth; there is no other way for us to access the creative power of God without first becoming Sons. God is looking for sons; and if you deliberately seek to follow Jesus as the pattern that He set for us, if you follow the precepts that Jesus gave you in His teachings; you shall surely become a son and receive access to the Holy Spirit of God.


The Fundamental: Difference between Christianity and other Religions
Pure_onsciousnessThe scientific world speaks of God as the universe with order and perfection. Some see God as universal and some others see God as personal; I want to show the difference between Christianity and other religions. I want to resort the difference between Christianity and other religions, the personal aspect of God and the universal aspect of God. The fundamental difference between Christianity and other religions is that Christianity deals with God on a personal level rather than universal. Christianity is God’s effort to make Himself personal to us and us personal to Him. God has many aspects; God is both personal and universal or can be personal to us. Ever since that God created man, He has been trying to instill in man His measure of righteousness, the standard that makes Him personal to us and us personal to Him. Christians don’t have to struggle against the impulses of the flesh, constantly opposing the will of God, because they have a personal relationship with God; they strive to take on His righteousness and in turn He enables them. Sin is opposing the will of God; they simply abide in the grace of God and the Holy Spirit of God keeps them from sinning. Sin and the law are mutually exclusive; human beings cannot keep the law and not sinning, because they are constantly tempted. Only by living the life He prescribed for us, living the standard He set for us, becoming like Him that we overcome the flesh and stop sinning. We sin because of the flesh that is opposing the will of God; the law is there to remind you of your sinful nature. The law of God is perfect, if you succumb to one, you fail them all. However if you abide in His grace, you are effortlessly free of temptation.
This is the Fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam, Christians are not following the letter of the law; they become the law by take on the nature of God, the righteousness of God, emulating the life of Jesus, follow Jesus as the standard that God set for humanity, what God is looking for humanity, the identity that He wants us to have.


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