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“Negation is a force that restricts people, denies them their possibility in life"

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A Warning from Jesus:
Read_OnBe careful” Jesus said to them. Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharissees and Sadduccees; against their teachings, against their hypocrisy.
There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be known"
Jesus said that these hypocrites are like washedwhite tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every impurity”.
This is what the devil does; he divides in order to conquer. He is the spirit of division; he cannot but act out of his own nature. White Haitians refused to join with black Haitians for fear of tarnished their image. By rejecting the blacks, they too are rejecting their identity as Haitians. They have to assume other identity to feel accepted. The stain of Negation has tarnished them both, blacks and whites and whatever in between. None of them can take the Haitian identity without feeling and experiencing the stain of Negation. It is in the air, it is in the place; the disparity between them speaks for it. It is time for them to unmask the devil in whatever form he presents himself to them.
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The First: Requirement
The first thing is for them to be in the light of God. To be in the light of God is to be current with the reality of the time, the present. God does not live in the past; he is not God for the dead, but for the living. Where He is not, the devil takes over, darkness takes over. Haitians must accept the fact that God no longer deals with third rate spirits to mediate His power. He wants us to meet His standard, His measure of righteousness. This He gave us in the person of Jesus. He is the standard set for humanity. We need to pattern our lives after Him.
The Voodoo religion rejected Him, therefore rejected God. If you are not in alignment with God’s will; you are an ally of the enemy by default. If you are not with God; he cannot bless you. Haiti inherited this Negation from the French and the French inherited it from the devil. This is how the devil promotes one and denies another. This is a world wide phenomenon, because the system of things that is running the world is of the devil. It is designed to promote him as the light of the world, replacing Jesus, the standard that God set for humanity. Martin Luther King said in his fight against the forces that negated blacks in America that Man was supposed to be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, but the reverse has taken place because of the devil. The devil did that to promote himself as light, white light.
Sure the devil needs justifications to use souls as fuel to keep his system going, because the order the world is set up for his own benefits. You cannot be black and find expression in the world. God wants a world to be equitable to all. He cannot fulfill His dream to bless all of the family of the earth as long as the system of dispensation created by the devil is in place. Changing the system is not a question of taken from whites and give to blacks; it is a question of allowing blacks the room to operate in the world, to have the same possibility of expression in the world as any other color.

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Negation Defeated: by Jesus
Negation_Results The fundamental teaching of Jesus was used in Haiti to defeat the French system of Negation, unknowingly they applied the very principle that gave them success against the devil. The requirement to follow Jesus is for us to reject the selfish way of the devil, reject the process that gives the devil access to our world, reject the self and take up our cross. “If a man wants to follow Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me”. To deny the system of Negation is to reject the way of the devil; it is to allow God the room to operate in our lives. Every time we put ourselves aside for the greater good; we are taken up our cross. The Haitians did exactly that during their war against slavery; they put their ego aside, forgo their differences and embrace the greater need. Black, white and mix Haitians got together to defeat a common enemy, the enemy of humanity, the devil. Negation is an instrument in the hands of the devil, denying people their possibility in this world; denying them access to the abundance of this world. Negation is what the devil uses to create disparity in achievements and forces us to resort differences. The possibility to achieve, attain is denied to some, while promoting another. This is how the devil achieved separation and division in our world. There are degrees of Negation, in the case of disparity among race, the darker you are, the less access you have. Negation was a common enemy for the Haitian people; the shame of servitude and vilification by the slave masters forced them to put their ego aside and embrace the greater good. Freedom for all was the greater good and for a brief period of time, the Haitian people were willing to put aside their individual identity, for the greater good. Negation had no power over them; they were able to come together as one to achieve the greater good. The greater vision was liberty for all; this was a greater cause than the individual need for recognition. This was the way they overcame the devil. Jesus gave us the secret; we must deny the self and take up our cross. This means that we must put aside the ego, the false identity that we acquired through separation and division and embrace our humanity. Denying the self is denying the devil access to our world.

How we assert ourselves:
We gain our identity in the world through the process of separation. Anytime we assert our identity in the world, we are consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, we are renewing the devil hold over us. The antidote against Negation or against the devil is to deny the self and take up our cross.
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The prescription: against the works of the devil
The way for us to defeat the devil and his primary weapon of war is to deny the self and embrace our humanity. Haiti proved that it is possible to come together as a unit to achieve great things, if you are willing to put aside yourself and take up your cross. The Haitian people did once; they defeated the devil and his instrument of war. They did it unknowingly, even though they were forced, (spur to do it), nevertheless, this proved that Jesus’ word is the truth. The devil can be defeated, if you are willing to put your ego aside, deny the self and take up your cross, embrace your humanity, the greater good.

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