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“Art imitating life or life imitating life at the movies, comparing the human condition"

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Comparison: Comparing the devil with a disease; the original sin of separation
Read_On There are certain things in our daily human experiences that we can use to explain the different human conditions around the world. We know that there was a separation in the human consciousness, because the desire to separate from each other, to resort differences between us is a drive; we are all forced to do it. We also know that this desire is not of God, it is of the devil. We therefore can compare the devil with a disease, a virus of some sort that humanity caught when man gave the devil access to our world. He is the original sin of humanity, the spirit that brought separation in our world. This is the first human condition of humanity, the one condition for any human being. Unless you are in Christ, the tendency is to separate yourself from the rest, resort the differences that set you apart and use these differences to boast your ego. Jesus wants us to reverse that process, deny the ego that separates us, deny the way of the devil and embrace our humanity, meaning take up our cross.

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Becoming a vampire: comparing ISIS with Vampires, Comparison #1 at the movies
Then the next human condition that we are dealing with in the world is the ISIS phenomenon. It is a kind of human disconnect that is similar to what we see at the movies when a human being is bitten by a vampire. The world has not seen this level of barbarism since the killings of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. They killed over a million people, just to promote their agenda. Today we have a similar situation with those who identified themselves as ISIS or the world branded as DAESH. They can easily be compared with the vampires that we see at the movies, a real life imitating art at the movies. Their degree of disconnect from humanity; their willingness to kill and ignore everything that makes us human make them literally vampires.
Degree of disconnect

Just like the vampires at the movies, hence bitten by radicalism; they are no longer human like the rest of us. At the movies, if you are bitten by a vampire, you lost your connection to humanity, you are no longer human. This is the same thing that happen to those who called themselves ISIS; hence they become radicalized; they lose all connection to humanity; their human nature. They are no longer like us; they become predators and prey on the weak, the humanity in us, everything that makes us human.

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Cancer in the human body: Comparing the human condition in Syria with a Medical condition, Comparison #2
The_Human_Development_Formula The next comparison is a medical condition that is imitating the human situation in Syria. The human condition in Syria is similar to cancer in the human body. It is an easy comparison, because it is similar to a cancer that has spread in the body of Syria. There is no way to reverse it without destroying the whole body. There is no surgical way to remove this cancer; each group is trying to remove what they perceived as a cancer. There are so many groups, each represents their own interest. The only problem with that is that the country is destroyed, with the very people that they are fighting for. If this trend continue; there will be nothing left as a country for any of them. You cannot cure cancer until it is completely eradicate out of the body. Sometimes people survived the process, sometimes they don’t; in this instance; it seems that they will not. We will have to wait and see if there will be a Syria left for the people of Syria. The source of the cancer is the past; it is always the past that refuses to go away that is the problem. If the past was not restraining the people; this cancer would not spread.

Eventually, every place where people are lagging behind, restrained from moving forward, there will be a potential for conflict. The human formula of development should be put to work to balance the degree of Negation affecting the population. Saudi Arabia state of restriction will go on for a while simply because there is something to offset the degree of Negation in the population. Soon as this balance no longer exists, those who are lagging behind will rise up to fulfill their god given destiny. The seed of greatness that God places inside of them will seek to fulfill that which God intended to be. It is a need and that is driving us all. They will do anything to fulfill that need. This need is a drive and it will not subside. It is the one need that is driving us all to seek perfection, recognition. If leaders could be mindful of this fact, they can avoid conflicts in their countries, in their lands.

This formula is a predictor of conflict. Look around the world for the next place of conflict. Whenever the degree of Negation is greater than that of attainment, conflict will erupt. Whenever people are denied their possibility in life, restrained behind; you are looking for conflict. Their greatest need is to fulfill the seed of greatness that God places inside of them. When they are restrained, denied their possibility in life; they will do everything to fulfill that need. This need cannot be subsided; it is the one need that is driving us all to fulfill God’s will for our lives. If there is no effort to embrace our humanity, meaning bring balance in the capacity of people to achieve, attain in life, the outcome is usually revolt, arm conflict, protest, rioting, etc. This formula will work if applied by governments around the world. Potential spots for conflict right now along ethnic disparity; are countries like Ethiopia, Ukraine, and other places, etc... , The possibility of one group to attain, achieve and partake in the abundance of life versus restraining and denying one group their possibility in life will result in conflict. We should look for the cause of conflict in the degree of attainment that created disparity in achievement.

Fundamental reason
: We assert ourselves in the world, affirm our identity by resorting differences; this is what God is trying to correct, reverse. We inherit this process from the spirit of separation, the devil. The only way for us to overcome this problem is to be Christ like, selfless, not feeding the self, the ego that separates us. We need to give everybody equal opportunity. Those who are weak and cannot compete; we must help them, embrace their needs. This is what take up our cross means, it is to embrace our humanity.

Go back to the future: Comparing Time travel with the Situation in Syria, Comparison #3 at the movies
Life is imitating art at the movies; finally go back in time or go back to the future is what we see at the movies where people are able to travel back into the past to affect the present or the future. At the movies people will go back to the past to create paradox, create alternate reality. This is also true in our present human condition in many countries around the world where leaders are interfering with the time line, creating alternate reality for their people. When leaders overstayed their position in power; they corrupt the time line, they create paradox, alternate reality, reality other than the reality that God desires for souls who are coming into the world. The millennial generation may not fit in their era, the era that they are trying to maintain. There are still souls waiting to be born that will not fit in yesterday reality. There are people now living who cannot reach their full potential, simply because they are not allowed to express the destiny that God placed inside of them. There are leaders who are standing in their way, holding to a consciousness that no longer fits the present. These are the human conditions that are real life imitating art at the movies.

I think that people use art imitating life at the movies to explain the human condition that they are living, experiencing, real life experiences that reflect the imagine reality at the movies. Bashar al-Assad corrupt the time line of the Syrian people by overstayed his position in power. He brought pain and suffering to the Syrian people, real consequences. He is holding the Syrian people behind in so many ways, causing rifts and splits in the population. Some of the people are trying to escape a reality that no longer fits them; this is the source of the conflict, the cancer that is destroying Syria.

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