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The Individual vs. the Collective: My conversation with a bigot part II
Read_On I think that the world classified him as such because he sees the world through the eye of the individual, not he collective. I think that his view of the world makes him a bigot. I was amazed talking to this guy. I could never understand why this guy view of the world is so different than the rest of us. Him and his friend Johnny would get into these heated arguments about politics, events around the world, what is going on in this country, the President dealing with the world, etc., From listening to his comments toward President Obama, I thought that he hated him because he was black. But his comments toward Hilary Clinton were as derogatory and demeaning. I realized that he had equal say for anyone associated with the Democratic Party. I told his friend with whom he argued a lot not to take him so seriously. I believe that he cannot help himself. It is like a right brain, left brain thought processing. He does not see the world through the same lens as you are. He told me that he is a progressive liberal and expect his government to work for him and that his friend is an extreme conservative who does not want Government to interfere. He also understands the futility of trying to convince his friend to see the world around him differently. I don’t understand why he is still arguing with his friend; even get enraged to call him a Fascist. He would stay away from him for a while, seat with other people to avoid him, but eventually he will return to seat with him. I concluded that he understands his friend, his thoughts process, but cannot help himself when he hears the comments that are coming out of his friend mouth. I too agree with him, when he called his friend a Fascist. He said that “the protesters of the President Elect will be gas, hence Rudy Giuliani became Attorney General”. I don’t think that he understands the implication of using gas to solve problems.
I heard the comments my self. I saw other people go after him for comments that are so terrible; that they called him a Zionist hater, a Fascist. I now realized why he is so extreme in his views and why people around him called him a bigot. I think that the reason for his extreme views on Progressive ideal, such as helping the less fortunate, embrace the weak, the less able, helping them kind of irritating him. He feels somewhat threatened by these kinds of behavior. I believe that the real reason is because his views are narrow minded, he sees the world through the eye of the individual and not the collective.

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Why I believe what I believe?
I heard of his comments on President Obama farewell tour to Europe; he said that Angel Merkel stone face reception greetings to President Obama, happened because he was expected to lecture her. He said that President Obama lectures everyone. I watched CNN and I heard that President Obama was well received in Europe, including Germany. This guy view of the world is so different than the rest of us; and yet still he has people who are in agreement with him. They too see the world through the same lens as he does I did not hear such negative comments of President Obama on CNN, it must have been the other network that catered to people who see the world though the eye of the individual. President Obama always sees the world through the eye of the collective and to this guy that is a weakness. He does not see him reflecting the values that he holds. Embracing your humanity, take care of the less fortunate is a sign of weakness to him. When we see others as ourselves, treat them as we want to be treated, embrace the needs of our fellow human beings, we gain strength, not weakness.
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The_Human_Development_Formula Right identity is to know who you are in Christ, what God has made you to be. I said that a man does not know for sure what he is, until God tells him what he is and who he is. He knows for sure what he is not. It is always a struggle between the world that is constantly trying to make you what you are not. We need to take hold of our new identity in Christ, because in Christ, we are affirmed as God’s children, born not of the flesh, but of the spirit.

See: what it means to be a man, our identity as a consciousness in God, the measure of that consciousness in Christ Jesus. The standard of our being, the measure of the righteousness that God wants us to have, the capacity of our being, our potential to be, all of which are in Christ Jesus.
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