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“Find the one cause, the fundamental cause that makes them all the same, intertwined"

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The One Cause: the fundamental cause
Read_On You can start talking about one thing and end up talking about something else, simply because everything is interconnected, intertwined with each other. We can try to understand the cause of poverty around the world, see why country like Haiti is constantly lagging behind and end up talking about terror, the reason why groups like ISIS, El Shabab, and Boko Haram exist around the world. The problems may be diverse, but the causes are similar. In fact there is only on fundamental cause in the world; it is separation, the devil that is standing in the way of God taken us forward toward our future. The devil is the past and he is standing in the way of our future.

The past is the problem: God is in the now; He called us to our future, not toward the past. If we are to stand on the past, we must know what it is, what it was and why it was given. Then we must proceed to embrace the new. God is always doing a new thing, if you are not present, aware of what He is doing in the world at the moment; you are missing your future.

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What was and no longer is:
Something may have been right for a time, for a season, but when God says get out, you need to listen. The majority of our problems come from the fact that we don't listen. Had Abraham not left his people when God asked him to, he would have overstayed his position and become the place.

There is always a chance of becoming what we are not when we over stayed our position, hold on to the past far too long. The world is full of such, the moment that God is not in something, it becomes wicked. Beware of leaders who manipulated their way in overstay their positions in power; they will bring pain and suffering. God is time, He always engaging us at certain points in time. "My spirit will not always striving with man". He has a set time for everything. When He is no longer in something, it is time to move on. Everything in the universe is cyclical, an eleven or twelve months baby, surely is not going to be alright, because the allotted time has expired. Haiti is in that condition, because people are not letting go of the past that no longer fits the present. They are not embracing the new. Jesus is the new; rejecting Him is rejecting your future. There is no future for humanity without Him.
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The Past is the Problem in Islam:
What is wrong with Islam, nothing I can say, except the brand that the extremists are trying to promote. If you are not in compliance with God, what He intends to do, you are opposing Him. Living in the reality of the past that no longer fits the present is to be in contravention with God. It has to be their brand of Islam that is putting them in collision with the rest of the world. The world is taken cue from God, leading people toward their future. Their brand of Islam is taken people toward the past. Their brand of Islam colliding with the rest of the world is inevitable.

"God is not God for the dead, but for the living"; He does not live in the past, but the present. I don't know what brand of Islam they are trying to sell to the world; it is not going to work. They should look toward the future, not toward the past. There are many countries that are practicing Islam as their religion, but they are progressive. They are not holding on to the past, they look toward the future and seek prosperity for their people.

Example for holding the past:
Look what happened to Egypt; they want to establish their brand of Islam and as a result they take Egypt backward toward the past. Egypt before President Morsi was thriving; today people are risking their lives on shanty boats toward Europe in search for better living. Tourists are now avoiding Egypt like the plague, when they were flocking Egypt before the Islamists took over. The past belongs to the past, not to be relived.

Other instances
The Taliban are costing the US Government billions, they are standing in the way of progress. There are regions in Pakistan where human resources are wasted. Women are not allowed to participate in the major spheres that shaped Pakistan. All of that energy could have been harvested to bring prosperity to the Pakistani people.
Boko Haram brand of Islam is a cancer for Africa, standing in the way of progress. Their distorted brand of Islam put to shame other Islamic extremists. They should get familiar to the God they want to serve. God said that " He is not God for the dead, but for the living ". He lives in the now, the present. He called us to our future, not taken us back toward our past. He is a progressive God, always improving on what was. He is the God of increase. The universe speaks of increase everywhere; they too are to look for increase. Where God is not, there is death, desert. He is the life giving spirit, apart from Him, there is no life. If you are not where He is, where He wants you to be; you are not under His light; you are part of the darkness of this world. You cannot prosper in life, because on your own, you are nothing. If the world is not with you, you cannot flourish. God created us to be one, indivisible whole. Those who are not connected will suffer and withered away, simply because God is not with them.
"Cursed is the ground for your sake", because of the [ spirit ] of separation that come in the world, the sprit of God was departed and the ground became cursed. Hence the spirit of God is departed, your place become a cursed land. People will avoid you, because they are avoiding death.

The greatest menace to a country like Turkey is the prospect of reverting to the past; follow the brand of Islam that takes them toward the past, not the future. Humanity is moving forward toward the future, anyone who resists is an ally of the devil. God is not in the past, where He is not, the devil takes over. Overtly or gradually, you become the enemy by default. Anytime you oppose God, not doing His will, you become His enemy, an ally of the devil.

Islam can co-exist with other religions because God is not a religion. Spiritually religion is a way of life that leads you to God. Religion is our capacity to understand our nature and the nature of God and where they intersect. God is constantly giving us greater awareness of the capacity of our being, what He created us to be. He also reveals His nature to us, how we are to approach Him.

Countries embracing the future
God is not living in the past; those who seek to live in the past will reap the bitter fruit of separation, devoid of life. China is flourishing now simply because their leaders have embraced the future, look toward the future, not the past. They are not rejecting the past; they are building on it, facing the future. They are not reliving the past. They must have realized that living in the past was not helping their people out of poverty.
Japan is what it is today, simply because they are able to embrace change, look toward the future. They are not rejecting their past; they simply are not living in it.
Every society that has advanced forward has also looked toward the future and embraced it. Russia is suffering economically right mow, simply because their present leaders want to return to the past. The past is to build on, not to relive. Generations are missing their opportunity; souls who no longer fit for the past are restrained unable to express the seed of greatness that God placed inside of them.

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What is lacking?
Levels_of_Needs What is lacking in Islam is the Son. The Jews had Moses, but they did not have a true revelation of God that can only come from the Son. They continued to stone people to death, doing barbaric things in the name of God until Jesus showed up to show them otherwise. "None has seen God at anytime, but the Son who is in the bosoms of the Father, He who made Him known". They were ruthless barbarians, engaged in killing each other, Jesus came to reveal to them a new way of looking at God, understand God. He said that God is love and He does not take pleasure in animal sacrifices. The only sacrifice that He wants from them is to be true to His spirit. "Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father on the spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks"

I am making a bold prediction that Islam will make it right, whatever it is its followers use it to justify their evil deeds. A fundamental shift gas to take place; if this trend continues, it is going to be the world against Islam. Whatever it is that is wrong with Islam, which makes people using it as a cover to carry out their evil deeds has to be made right. They need a new revelation of God about His nature, His character. They also need to understand the nature of man, what, what makes us human. I think that lack of understanding is the fundamental problem. They don't understand what it is that makes us human, nor the nature of God, His character and what He wants. Had they do, they would have not continue to sow seed of terror in the world. This seed of terror hence sowed, will bring fruit. The fruit is what we are witnessing right now around the world. Christianity had their share of terror, but the move in, make the shift. They embraced the teachings of Jesus and accepted the revelation of God from Him. Unlike Moses, He is in the heart of God. He knows God intimately. He said that God is love, the terror that the Jihadists are not of God.

Then again, they are operating at a level where they should not be. When God is not in a place l, his presence is not there it becomes a cursed thing. This is basically the state of the sub-world, those that are lagging behind. They cannot function in the reality of the present, because the awareness is not there. God is dispensing awareness at certain points in time, if you are not consciously present, aware of what God is doing in the world; you are left behind. In Christ people can take the quantum leap of faith to be where God wants them to be. Many will not be left we behind

Why are they getting stuck in the past?
The reason why some of us get stuck, lagging behind is because we don't cease the moment, we miss our marks. God engages us at certain points in time to give us greater awareness of the capacity of our being, when we missed our moments, when we missed our marks; we also missed our opportunity for expansion. We don't gain the awareness we need to deal with the reality of the world. This is the main reason why when the world makes a shift in consciousness, some of us are left in the reality of the past, in the consciousness of past. This is the main reason why we have different layers of human existence, Tribal World, sub world, different classifications of world. Some of us don't have the capacity to deal with the reality of the present, the capacity to create first class world,
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Getting Stuck
Because we cannot handle the full impact of His spirit at once; yet, hence individually we received Jesus; God Holy Spirit takes residence inside of us. This is a delicate balance between the inner world and the outer world. God spirit is inside of you making you fluid, flexible, able to make the shift when He is changing the world, expanding humanity, expanding our awareness.

What they believe:
I heard that people say that Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet; however, they reject the concept of Him going to the cross. They see it as a sign of weakness. I think that it is the same reason why people rejected God and become atheists; they don't understand His nature.
I want to give them an understanding of God awesome power, why He hides us in Christ Jesus to protect us from His awesome power. I want them to understand the meaning of the cross, why it is the very thing that makes us all human.
Let me begin with God giving Moses a demonstration of His nature and in so doing I will give you an understanding of why He gave us Jesus as Lord and Savoir. Let me begin with the burning bush; Moses stumbled upon a burning bush and got curious as to why it could not consume. He heard a voice telling him.

There is either God or the devil, the moment that you are not fulfilling God's will, you are in opposition to God, you are in enmity with Him. The devil has right to use you for his wickedness. If you are not in the light of God, you are part of the darkness of this world. These people are doing what they do, simply because they are in the dark. They cannot see or hear the truth. The default between right is that you are either one or the other, if you are not with God, you are against Him; he moment that you are not fulfilling His will, you an ally of the enemy. The devil is the opposer; he opposed God's will since the beginning. At one point in the course of development of the seed of greatness inside of you; you will come to a stop. This is the time when God intervene to expand you, takes you to higher level of awareness. Awareness is the game; your consciousness is at stake. Awareness.

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