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The Personal vs the Impersonal: The personal
Read_On This is the purpose for Jesus, why He came, He went through stuffs, overcame them, so that you don't have to go through stuffs. He suffered for you, so that you don't have to suffer. Had I listened to God guiding me, I would have avoided lots of pain and suffering. This is true to all of us and humanity at large. Had Adam listened to God, he would have avoided lots of pain and suffering. Where God is not, the devil takes over and brings with him lots of pain, suffering and death.

"Whatever He tells you; you do it"; this requires a certain amount of trust. Mary knew Jesus ability and transferred that trust to the host of the wedding. The same for us, we ought to obey God and trust that He knows best. Jesus trusted God and willingly went to the cross, trusting that God will raise Him up from the dead. The same trust is required of us to obey God, even when we cannot justify the reason.

Even though a possibility exists, it may not exist for you. Every choice we make has only two possibilities, we either make it for life or make it for death. One choice leads to life and the other leads to death. If we chose God, we chose life, if we go against God, we chose death. "The Lord is My shepherd and I shall not want"

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The Impersonal:
"It is a cursed thing"; When God is not in something, it becomes a cursed thing. The one single verse that explains this is when God said to Adam; "Cursed is the ground for your sake". God was saying to Adam that the ground is now cursed because of his action. His action brought separation into the world. He gave the spirit of separation access to his world and as a result God said the environment that used to provide for him is dead. He now has to work hard, by the sweat of his brow. He must work on his own power to get the things that he needs. God is the life giving spirit, when He is departed, there is death.

It becomes a cursed thing, because God is no longer in it. Where God is not, the devil takes over. Where God is not, there is no light, but darkness. "Jesus is the light that came into the world and lighted every soul". "Now is the darkness of this world cast out, the ruler of this world is cast out". You are the candle of the Lord; hence Jesus lives inside of you. You become the light of the world. "The spirit man is the candle of the Lord". Jesus is the Christ, the power of God for our salvation, He guides our every step. "As many are guided by the Spirit of God are the sons of God". "He leaded me besides still waters, He restored my soul", meaning, He is making me right once again with God. God is dynamic, not static; what was and no longer is; something may have been right for a time, for a season, but when God says no more, we better listen. "My spirit will not always striving with man"; God is time, He engages us at certain points in time, we are not to insist when He is no longer in something. "As many are guided by the Spirit of God", means to be in the moment, in the now. You don't know when God will make a shift. Jesus explained that the spirit is like the wind, no one knows whence it comes nor where it is going. You have to be fluid, flexible to be able to move with the Spirit of God. "As to the fruit which is in the middle of the ground, you shall not eat of it, for the day you do, you shall surely die"; this is the crux of life, why we have a devil in our midst. We are perpetually consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil because we are trying to do what was only reserved for God. We are playing God, excluding God out of the equation, making decisions that were reserved only for God. When we are guided by God, only then can we stop consuming the fruit of separation, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Only then can our choices be pleasing to God. Only then can we say like Jesus said "I always do the things that pleased the Father". To choose life over death, God over the devil is to be led by God. Only then can we know when we are of God, when He is no longer in something and when we let the devil into our world.
See: what we are all becoming:
Christian Manifesto

Jesus transferred all that He is to us, so that we can be right with God; we ought to learn from Him.
There is something about the French; they don't transfer well their knowledge. They left something that handicapped their colonies. Colonization was given to advance civilization. I think that the British were more progressive than the French; although the negation of blacks in the world is a factor for both.

Separated by language:
I think that the French language has become a burden for the Haitian people, instead of becoming a natural part of their day to day life, it becomes something to accomplish in life , a status symbol. The language therefore becomes a burden, a barrier in advancing the Haitian people forward, a mean to negate the Haitian people.

Speaking French in Haiti has become something to strive for, a mean to separate people, and a weapon of war to separate the classes. President Aristide did well, he embraced the Creole language, therefore demystified the French language. He did help the Haitian people by affirming them, embracing their identity. The only thing that he is at fault is that he did not embrace the future; he took the Haitian people further into their past, imposed greater weight on them. Christ is the future of humanity, rejecting Jesus is rejecting your future. I think that is the sin of humanity, holding on to the past that no longer fits them.

Tackling Retardation:
If Haiti is going to move forward, just like the Creole language, a research institute has to be created to study the causes, the reasons why the country is not moving forward. There are too many holes, too many obstacles to overcome. A study has to be made as to the cause for why blacks in general are lagging behind. Then a separate study has to be made as to where the country of Haiti fits in the greater scheme of things. We have to look at the heritage, the spiritual heritage that makes a country successful. The French heritage has not done much for Haiti. I think partly because the French don't transfer well their knowledge to their colonies, especially those with majority black populations. I also think that the French language itself is the barrier. The Haitian people are caught in translation; they are enamored with the beauty of the language, instead of the purpose of the language, meaning communication and transfer of thoughts. I think that the speed through which thoughts are transferred is lost in the Haitian people getting caught in the beauty of the French language, the sonority of the language. It takes too long for Haitians to acquire the speed necessary to synchronize their thoughts with the French language. There is a relationship between thoughts and words; the speed of transfer of thoughts to words is not there for Haitians with the French language. French therefore has been more of a handicap for the Haitian people.

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The past is the problem for Haitians
Levels_of_Awareness There is still a remnant of the past; people who believe that certain degree of blackness has no part in certain sphere of influence. The darker your skin is; the greater degree of negation. Leslie Jones is a dark skin black woman; certain people feel that people with such dark skin complexion should have no part in the greater spheres of influence of this world. This evil past that denied blacks their possibility in this world is now in the fringes of society; however from time to time, it will surface and causes great pain. This incident only proved that there was a machinery in place, negating blacks out of the possibilities that this world has to offer. There is still a devil in our world and people are doing his biddings. We just have to be mindful that God has a plan and Jesus is the answer. The world will move forward as a whole; this is God's plan for. The devil method of separation, division will not stand. Jesus came to undo the works of the devil, cast him out of our existence. The requirement is that we deny the self, deny the process that gives us our false identity and embrace our humanity. This is really one requirement in two, two steps in one. There is no justification for blacks to lag behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world, except that it serves the objectives of the devil.
What we know?
We now know the reason why blacks are cut off out of the possibilities of this world; we now know why whites excelled and why blacks don't. Rooms have to be made available for souls to express their gifts and talents in any race that made up the human race. Geniuses will be born of the black race, hence the possibility to achieve, attain, arrive is given to blacks in this world.

Conviction: What has to change
I am convinced more than ever that it is the world that has to change to accommodate souls to express their gifts and talents in any race that made up the human race. Blacks have to be given the room to operate freely in the world and be able express the seed of greatness that God placed inside of them. If there is no space for blacks to operate freely in the world in any sphere of influence, God cannot bless humanity through the black race. If blacks are denied their possibility to share in the abundance of this world, geniuses, people with gifts and talents will be born of other races. God wants to bless humanity as a whole, all of the races that made up the human race. If God's kingdom is to replace the kingdom of darkness; if God's way of way of doing things is to replace the way of the devil, the possibility for blacks to operate freely in the world has to be restored?

A change in perception: there has to be a change of perception
If people can see human beings as souls instead of ethnicity, race, color or religion, they will not be envious, negating them, denied them their possibility in this world. They will accept their accomplishments, as gifts from God. They will less likely claim success as an exclusive right to their race, color or religion.

The way it is:
Right now the system that is running the world is based on negation. Denying blacks their possibility in the world is a way to resort differences and to force us to use these differences to boast our egos. This is how the devil keeps us consuming the fruit of separation at perpetuity. The devil is the spirit that brought separation in the world; he maintained the system that is running the world through separation and division. Man is essentially a consciousness in God, the order of achievement by race; the system of dispensation in this world is of the devil.

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