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“Reduce the percentage of people that are living in the reality of the past, reduce Negation"

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The Individual Vs the Collective: Invitation to join
Humanity_Whole Many of us don't like what we see, the images that are coming over the tube from certain regions of the world. Changing the contents, the lines that make up these images is a job only God can do. These images are persistent, consistent and they belong to specific territories. These images don't reflect the order and harmony that God wants us to have.
There are certain things only God can do, redeeming the world from the devil is one of them. God is inviting us to work with Him, to take back space, territory from the devil. You don't need to be a scientist or hold a degree of any sort to understand that where God is not, the devil takes over. Anytime people are not where God wants them to be, for whatever reason, they become fuel for the devil to use in his system of operation.
There are parts of the world that are still under the curse; meaning [ * ] that they are not where God wants them to be. To be in the light of God and under His guidance, you have to be current with the reality of the time. People who are holding on to the past usually missed their marks and are not where God wants them to be. There consciousness get stuck in the reality of the past. They don't have the awareness they need to deal with the reality of the present. See: The Individual Vs. the Collective

The order and harmony that we see in certain parts of the world and chaos in other parts are all about the human consciousness, rather we have the awareness of what God created us to be. God dispenses awareness of the consciousness He created us to be, to give us awareness of the capacity of our being, at different points in time. If we miss those moments in time, we also loose the capacity to deal with the reality of the time. There is a corresponding relationship between who we are and the awareness of what we are, between the consciousness that God created us to be and the awareness of the capacity of that consciousness, what we can do.
I think that awareness is the key; God is dispensing awareness. If you don't have the awareness of the capacity of your being; you also lose the capacity to deal with the collective consciousness. The reality of the present is where God is at a given time and wants us to be; it is also the collective consciousness of humanity at the present time. Some of us need to catch up, the individual consciousness must match the collective. See:
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The Individual Vs the Collective

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