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ďThe freedom to choose is a free gift from God, but has consequences"

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The Freedom to choose:
Read_On God is probably watching us, enjoying Himself; see how we exercise our freedom of choice, our free will. The challenge is that, we will not know the world, what kind of world we create with this free will, until we are well into it. God has to come behind us to fix things, rearrange things to His order. We must learn to know His will, how He operates, otherwise we will continue to create world that we donít want to live in. We just have to wait and see what kind of world we created. If we learn to apply the precepts in the teachings of Jesus in our lives, we donít have to worry of the result or the kind of world we create; it will be according to Godís will. See: precepts

See: The Individual Vs. the Collective

See: On Changing the collective

The choices that we make:
The choices we make determined rather we reach our mark or not, rather the seed of greatness that God places inside of us develop to its full potential, as God intended it to be. We have to make leaders accountable, those who are standing in the way of God, keeping people behind, interfere with the time line. God does not engage us every day; He has His own timing and when we missed those moments in time, those points of engagement, we also loose our opportunity to move forward to greater level of awareness. Awareness is the aim; God is giving us greater awareness of the capacity of the consciousness He created us to be. We are a consciousness in God, different than other created beings.

The trend was there, the tendency was there to become a one sided government. Unless God gives us a glimpse of the future that we are created we will not know it, until we are well into it. We have to let things play out in real life interaction, let see what kind of world that we are created. It is in the making, we are hoping that it will be a Better World, moving closer to the abundant life that God promised us. Hope that we are acquainted with Godís will; get familiar with His way of doing things. This is the only to avoid pain and suffering. Clashing and butting heads with each other cannot continue. If you insist on moving forward without the rest; they will become the seed of terror for our world. The human spirit will not be denied; it will fulfill what God intended. This is the one drive that is pushing us all to seek recognition. In actuality, it is the need to be divine, perfect as God is perfect that is driving us all. We just have to get acquainted with Godís way of doing things, familiar with His nature. He is an all consuming God, who cannot stand crookedness, imperfection. It is His nature to straight things outs, make things right.
See: what we are all becoming:
Christian Manifesto

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Jesus is the way:
The_Human_Development_Formula Jesus is the way; He gives us the way in His teachings. We can avoid lots of pain and suffering that come with learning if we can learn from Him, pattern our lives after Him. The precepts in His teachings are our ticket to a Better Living World. The benefits for applying them in your life are as follow.
1)_ Making you Fluid.
2)_ Making you Flexible.
3)_ Easy to make the turns, adjust to reality.
4)_ Increase your cognitive ability.
5)_ Increase your intuitive capacity.
6)_ Making you fluid like the wind, able to perceive the subtle changes in your environment, able to respond to the speed of the Holy Spirit.
7)_ Roots too deep in the ground, living too close to the earth environment, the precepts can elevate your consciousness, give you greater awareness of the kind of consciousness that God created you to be.
8)_ Realigning your body with your spirit, counteracting the effect of separation that the devil created between your body and your spirit.
9)_ Discover the gifts of the spirit, when Godís spirit is reconnected with your spirit


Is America going red?
The future is yours to shape, if you are in alignment with Godís will. There are two kinds of world in the making, two separate realities. There are two kinds of people in the world; there are those who are moving forward toward the future with Jesus Christ and there are those who are moving backward toward the past with the devil. See: Clear Choice Clear choice is rather you can be true to what God intended for you to be. You will not know it, unless you follow the

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