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This organization is a church that seeks promote the teachings of Jesus Christ as a pathway to achieve enlightenment”.

Way before there was a BiteSizeAwareness.com, there was an organization called Christ for Better Living. This organization existed to promote the teachings of Jesus Christ as a pathway to achieve enlightenment. Because there was no one up to the task, to carry out the goals and objectives set for this organization; it has to be dissolved and re-organized as a website to promote awareness of the works of Jesus Christ. See our AIM, it has not changed; the original intention is still the same. The only thing missing is a staff, the people that will carry out the objectives set for this organization.

Saying it like it is!
There are two worlds, two separate realities; there is an ascending world and there is a descending world. Some people come to do and some come to undo, some come to help those that are on the ascending side of life, bring gifts and blessings and some others come to be purged, to undo the things they did wrong. It is not a complicated thing to understand; the problem is how we interpreted the reality that we see. It is the attitude that we have toward what is seen that is the problem. Something has to change in the way we approach reality or we will continue to have clashes between races, religion, wherever there are differences to resort. Negation will continue to be the engine that is driving this system of things. We will continue to consume the fruit of better than, the fruit of separation, the original sin of humanity, consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

There are worlds upon world, world of people with different reality. People are living in the world they are in rather third world reality or Emerging world reality or Industrial world reality. God wants them to create better living world for them to live. People live in Third World reality because they cannot sustain the world they want to create. They cannot be a coherent collective; this is the key; they are a bunch of individuals and not a true collective. Can education fix it; I say no; something has to change in the tonality of this world to allow descending souls to bring their gifts and blessing using any color of the human spectrum. Negation has to go away; that which is black must be given the possibility to attain and to achieve in this world.

The problem is in the dispensation system; it is changing; it has been changing slowly; now it is accelerating at a rapid pace. Since we cannot change the composition of a population, we must change the tonality of the country, the attitude that we have toward that which is black or embodied the attributes of blackness. The possibility t o attain and to achieve must be given to all color of the human race; this way, it will not matter rather a soul is ascending to God or descending from God; it can take any color of the human color spectrum. Blacks can bring gifts and blessings and whites can be purged. The doings of this world may not solely reserve to the white race, but to every color that made up the color spectrum of the human race. This kind of change is only possible when God directly intervene to facilitate such change.

Secrets of the Ages Revealed in one Bite
You want to change the world, get rid of slums and ghettos, don’t bother to change the people, try to change the
tonalityof the world of these people; the attitude that we have toward them. It is the tone; the attitude that we have toward them that is maintaining their world, consequently, your world. Everyone is doing something, but the reality of this world is that people come to do and some come to undo. “Thou they build, I will tow down”. Something must change in the world. God Vs this system of things: World_System God wants to replace this system of things that is running the world with His System of Righteousness, His way of doing things: Everything that you need to know about this system of things, the system that is running this world, the dispensation system in just three steps

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#2_ The Cause

#3_ The Solution

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