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On Vladimir Putin:

Our Tidbit for the Day : Vladimir Putin test of leadership

Vladimir_Putin He is their leader; he represents them; but he is not calling the shots; he is not in charge, not really; they are making him. The people he represents, they themselves don’t know where the reality of the world currently is. They must live it, work it out and find it out for themselves. Only then will they know where the line is and stop pushing. How Vladimir Putin responds to unfolding situations on the ground will be a test of his leadership. Neither side is in charge of how events will unfold; those that want the glory of the past and those that are embracing the uncertainty of the future; they will not know where the line is until they try to cross it.

I would not want to be in his shoes right now; he has his hands full. Each side must do what is best for them and let life decides where the reality is. Cool heads and no precipitation is the order of the day. Don’t rush to action, act only when it is absolutely necessary. They are making the reality of their world right now as events are unfolding. The question is; are they making the world or is the world making them. God has a standard for humanity; they must conform. That standard has to be lived out and discovered for themselves. What is it that God wants from them? I don’t think that it can be dictated to them; they must live out.
The greater challenge for Mr. Putin leadership is in walking the fine line between two worlds, one where he wants to take his people forward to the future and the other, the risk of alienated them to please the other side. Regardless of his choice; if he does not lead them forward; they will remain where they are and regress backward. I am sure that he does not want to re-live the reality of the past, take his country backward into a past that no longer fits his people. His only choice is to move forward, regardless of his ego, how much he wants to relive the glory of the past.

Balancing the two forces: Attainment and Negation
This world is in turmoil and in the midst of it all, there is only one thing going one; it is the struggle between those that are moving forward and those that are moving backward; between the forces that restrained humanity backward and the forces that propelled humanity forward. The middle ground is where the reality of the world is, where God is currently working with humanity. They need to know where the reality of the world is. Understand the forces that shaped human existence, balancing the two forces that shape human existence is in the degree of Negation versus the degree of Attainment, balancing the two; where H is humanity, the middle, N is negation, backward and A is attainment, forward. See my formula, H=a/n, how to balance these two forces that shape humanity.

A Matter of Perception: How naïve they are?
A leader is the sum total of his people, a reflection of the people. The world will not hesitate to treat his people the same way that he treats them. How he treats his people will reflect the value of his people. It is very dangerous for a leader to manipulate the truth and blatantly tells lies to his people to control them. This will tell the world how naives he believes his people are to blatantly lie to them. The world may respond in kind the same way or perceive his people the same way. You find this trend very common among leaders of Third World countries, countries that are lagging behind in one way or another. Doing so will simply delay their people, keeping them from partaking in the possibilities of this world. History is full of such leaders that the world purposefully erased and no longer remembered. Is Vladimir Putin such a leader, history will tell? So far the Russian people are fed lies while the truth is repressed; this is definitively a sign of backwardness, regressing into the past. I am sure that Russia does not want to repeat the past. Open up yourself to the truth and let it removes anything that is false about you. The truth is the only thing that can appease the human spirit. It has a tendency to destroy anything false about us if you let it; it will remake you anew. The challenge for Mr. Putin or any other leader is walking the fine line between leading the people or let them lead him. This will be the test of his leadership. “Truth is that which is and it changes not, while falsehood is what seems to be and shall pass away”. If you are not embracing the truth; you will not last; your memory will be erased.

The Greater: "Reality"
The burden is on him and on the people that he represents because they are on the ascending side of life. They are lagging behind and they need to catch up. The question is how well can he maintain himself in the face of a world that is making him into what he is not? Is he going to be the devil that the world think he is? Is he going to let himself (manipulated), played in the hands of his people or be what God called him to do? Is he in touch with God who assigned him his position in the first place? Does he forget who placed him in his position? Did he over stayed his term in the first place and be where he is no longer needed? Is he in alignment with the will of God or is he where he is not supposed to be? If you are not in His will; you are in alignment with the devil; you must reach out to God and let Him set aright the wrong path that you have taken.

Who he is: for sure
A man never knows for sure who he is until God tells him who he is. He may know who he is not for sure and if the world is making him into what he is not, he must reach out to God to remind him of who he is. God is the only way out of the mire that he is in. Did he overstayed his position and missed his mark? Hence you miss your mark; you are outside the will of God, this gives the devil the legal ground to use you and make you part of his system of things. Hence you miss your mark, only God can take you out of the grips of the devil; you are fair game. Your actions may not be in the will of God; so the world will make you into what you are not; a devil. Your only way out is to seek God and seek His face for guidance.

When to let go:
Too much fun; you are enjoying yourself too much, you cannot let go when you have finished your term; your action may be responsible for keeping your people behind. You did not trust God that He had other people to replace you; to work with Him to take your people forward. You become responsible for them; you are responsible to lead them; take them to where God wants them to be. The devil will not let you because you are not in alignment with the will of God. You need a savior, reach out to Jesus on your knees. “Prayer opens the hearth and makes it receptive to the gifts of God”; He answers prayers. Sadam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi; they did not know when their time was over to quit, they wanted to replace God and take the burden of the people on their own shoulders and ended up been puppets at the hands of the devil, doing his bidding. They both had one thing in common; they wanted to be a father figure, a strongman to their people. They ended up been puppets at the hands of the devil; eventually become what the world made them to be, emissaries of the devil.

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