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“Hierarchical structure of human needs according to Jesus; seek God first"

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The structure of human needs: Starting from top to bottom
God has only one need, the need to be divine, perfect. He does not negotiate that need; He wants us all to be perfect as He is. Jesus urged us to seek perfection in all things, to be perfect as God is perfect. “Therefore, be ye as perfect as thy father in heaven ”. God sent Him to teach us how to love one another so that we can help those that are not yet perfect as we are. He wants us to cast all of our cares upon Him, so that we don’t get stuck on any level of need, but fulfilling our highest need which is God’s only need. The reason God created us is to be perfect as He is; this is His Need. Without love there is no way for us to achieve this perfection, fulfill His need. God cannot stand imperfection; this is His nature; He therefore hides us in Christ to protect us from Himself, so that His awesome nature does not consume us. He said to Moses; “These people are stiff necked people; I will not go in their midst, less I consume them on the way”. Before Jesus came to earth, it was customury for a priest serving in the temple to place bells at the hem of his robe to make sure that in the presence of God, if he sinned and that his sins are not consumed with him. God's nature is to cleanse anything that is false and croocked, the priest wants to make sure others in the haste to get him out, they don’t make the same mistake of getting in God’s presence with sins, imperfections. It is not God’s will that anyone should perish, but His nature will cleanse any imperfection and in the process many will not survive. Jesus is the Love of God bringing us into perfection. God loves us so much that He protects us from Himself in Christ.

The structure of human needs should start with God at the top, at our highest level of need, seeking perfection, holiness first. This is God’s will, the pact, the covenant that He made with us is that He will fulfill all of our needs and in return, we will fulfill His only need. Jesus sealed that covenant in blood, by giving up His body to be beaten and crucified for us. The blood that was spilt sealed our covenant with God. A covenant is a contract, a pact between two parties where one provides ninety percent and the other just the ten percent. This is the principle of tithing, we give God back ten percent of the hundred percent He gave us. “With Him, by Him and for Him ” He gave us everything and in return, we give Him ten percent.

The need to love and beloved: human center of operation
God sent Jesus to teach us how to love one another; “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you, you are also to love one another ”. Jesus said that this is the way that people will know that you are His follower. You cannot follow Him, until you take up your cross, meaning embrace your humanity. You cannot do that until you first put your ego aside, deny the self that stands in the way of you loving others as He loved you. This is the love that makes the world moves forward, the selfless love. You cannot show this kind of love until you first deny yourself. God will not take humanity with a tail of people lagging behind. He wants a humanity whole moving forward. This can only happen if we have love for one another. Jesus came to teach us how to operate in love, embrace those that are far behind, lagging behind, cut off and cut out of the blessing of God, out of the possibilities of this world, the abundance of life.
The middle ground is where we need to operate, a center of love where we are free to move up or down, be spiritual and yet helping those that are not yet. Jesus said that He will give you the power to bind heaven and earth; if you believe that He is the Christ.

This revelation: is the foundation of Christianity
If you believe that Jesus is the Christ; He will give you the power to bind things in the earth as well as things in heaven. Love is the power that binds both worlds. Jesus is the center that connects both worlds; He said; that He is the Christ upon which humanity is built. If you believe that He is the Christ; you can bind heaven to earth and earth to heaven. He operates at the level of the heart; the middle ground between the physical and the spiritual, between the needs that pertain to the body and the needs that pertain to the spirit. The heart is where we should get our motivation for living, a place of love. Needs are the driving forces in our lives; they motivated us to live; to find purpose. In Christ, the hierarchical structure of human needs starts with God, the need to be holy, then flows to our second need, our capacity to see reality as it is, see the subtle changes that are happening around us, what God is doing at any given time and then communicate what we see to others, then to love. It is love that connects both worlds; the spiritual world to the physical; our higher needs to our lower needs.

Life is about abundance: getting access
The whole struggle of life is about abundance, giving us access to the abundance of life. The whole mission of Jesus is about giving us access to the abundance of life. This abundance of life is possible only, if we are connected to the spirit that gives life; if we are no longer motivated by the spirit of separation, the spirit that divides us. God wants to take us away from the spirit of separation, from the influence of the devil that gives us our selfish identity. In Christ we are free indeed; free to move up and down the ladder of awareness. In Christ, there is no getting stuck, fixated on any given need that can consume our attention. We are free to be spiritual in the world and not getting caught in the flesh. If we are operating at the level of love, in the middle where Jesus wants us to be; we will be fluid, flexible, not getting hung up on anything, any need, any level of awareness. If we are willing to do what He asked of us, deny the self and embrace our humanity; we have no choice but to be in the middle where love is.

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Defining man, who is man?

Man essentially, is a consciousness

A frequency in God

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