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The Faces of Poverty
   Don't Complained!
    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

N E W S   U P D A T E

Third World Counties
By ZBob

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Help Change the Human Condition in your Country

Dear Friends:

Some of us are caught up in the superficialities of life and miss reality altogether. Amidst of the changes that are happening around us; there is a reality that God wants you to see. He is busy expanding your consciousness, taken you to the next level; are you are aware of what He is doing? I pray to God that you don’t get caught in the constant changes that are happening around you, but keenly aware of what God is presently doing in this world. He does not change for us, or wait for us; if you miss Him; you will be left behind; you will have to catch up. I pray to God that He would open your eyes to the reality of this world so that you may not be caught in the constant changes of nature. There are always consequences for missing reality, not in sync with the changes of the time or not aware of what is going on around you. The conflicts in this world, the terrors that we are experiencing are direct result of clashes between those that are moving forward and those that are moving backward, those that have missed their marks and are lagging behind and those that are far ahead. See the formula for humanity, the equation for resolving conflicts between those that are moving forward and those that are staying put or lagging behind: H =a/n See Time as the Maker and the Destroyer of alll things:Time and God


Adjust Your Perception

"The Past I remenber no More"

God is reconciling the world to Himself through Christ. "If a man is in Christ. He is a new creation" The old have passed away, lo! all things are new. God intent is to take our consciousness out of the whims of nature and bring us to a level where we can perceive the oneness of the spirit. Jesus is the way; His lifestyle guarantees us a view in the spiritual realm. "After me shall come One, He will baptize you with spirit and fire", John said. His teachings guarantees us an increase in our spiritual awareness. How do we perceive the subtle nuances, those imperceptible changes that are taken place around us? How do we adjust our perception to the reality that is taken place, the reality that God wants us to see? Well we cannot, if we are stuck into the past! Like a bug flip on its back, we cannot turn upright without the help of God. We need God to help turn us upright so that we can see the changes that are taken place. God is inviting us: "Come to me you who are heavy burden, I will give you rest”

What is Reality?: as we perceive it

How do we perceive reality? Can we adjust ourselves to the changes when they come? Changes are coming or are about to come, will they escape us? Let Christ heal us through the lifestyle He prescribed for us to follow. Let Christ mends us, heals us. See: Psychic Sailing We have holes in your psyche, holes caused by the scars of the past. Our aura is depleted, the world is passing us by and we remain unaffected. The winds of change are blowing; they are passing right trough the holes in our psyche. We are left to lag behind; cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world, the world is passing us by, and we cannot perceive the changes that are coming. Christ is the answer. Christ can help you mend these holes, heals the scars in your psyche so that you can catch up the winds of change and move forward to your future. Christ can help you set sail to new heights and new possibilities, heighten your awareness so that you can perceive new reality. Christ is revealing knowledge and understanding, unveiling the darkness of this world. Now is the ruler of this world is cast out; the darkness of this world cast out."

The Answer is in the Lifestyle
I am the way and the life; I am the life and the light”Too complex, too intricate, too elusive and too fleeting for us to pin down the subtle changes that are happening around us; we need the light of Christ to unveil the works of darkness, to guide us out of the darkness of this world. “Man is always one step behind reality, recollecting the moment that just has passed”. We are too busy with life, with ourselves to perceive the subtle changes that are happening around us; we only see them when we are well into them and often miss reality altogether. Life comes and goes for some of us, changes take place and we remain unaffected; we need the quickening of the Holy Spirit of God to help us keep up with reality. God only engages our consciousness at His own choosing; if we are not present, when He is dealing with us, expanding us, enlarge our consciousness; we miss Him altogether. This is the fleeting moment that comes and goes; we often catch it back in reflection, see the reality of the world after it happened. The world is a reflection of the devil; trying to pass darkness for light, concealing himself in the dark of our unconscious mind; we are at his mercy without the spirit of God guiding us. Without Christ to illuminate our path out of the darkness of this world, we will surely stumble. "If a man walks with Me, he shall not walk in darkness, but has the light of day and if he walks in the dark and stumble, it is because the light is not in him. " How do we acquire that light?
We acquire that light in the lifestyle we chose to live.
What is this lifestyle?
It is a few simple precepts that we apply to our daily lives.

Here they are:these precepts

  • Do unto others as you would like them do unto you; that is to love others as you love yourself, forgive others as you would like to be forgiven, etc.
  • Deny the self: we must deny the process by which we arrive at our self identity; that is we negate others in order to affirm ourselves. This is the way of the devil; it is us consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, it is us separating ourselves from God and our fellow human beings. “If a man wants to fallow Me, let him first deny himself."
  • We must embrace our humanity; that is we must accept the short comings and weaknesses of our fellow human beings; that is we must take up our cross. “If a man wants to fallow Me; let him take up his cross and fallow Me."
  • Turn the other cheek; that is we must look for alternatives to resolve our differences; we must avoid heads on collisions to resolve our conflicts. These few precepts when applied to our daily lives become our lifestyle. This life style guarantees to increase our spiritual awareness, quicken our cognitive ability so that we can perceive the reality of this world, solve our problems, and overcome obstacles out of our paths.
  • He will baptize you with spirit and fire." This life style is our path to achieve spiritual awareness without which God cannot bless us. “In you and in your seeds, I will bless all of the family of the earth." Jesus is the seed of this life style; the path to the spirit. It is the spirit that gives life and sustains life. Apart from the spirit we can do nothing. Everything we do and everything we are rest on our spiritual awareness; our capacity to understand the world around us and discern the subtleties of this world.
    Blacks were cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world, but this life style guarantees us a share in the abundance of this world. “I come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly."

    Reality Check!:what seems to be

    Reality as it was; was a lie perpetrated by the devil; it was falsehood, the truth in reverse. We know now the ways that blacks were portrayed in the past were lies perpetrated by the devil, it was falsehood made to be passed for the truth. We know that it was a lie and not the truth because we see for ourselves that it was a lie. Was it the truth? Truth is what is and it changes not. Falsehood is what seems to be; it is naught and shall pass away. Today we know that 90% of people that live in poverty are blacks, but how do we change this reality? We now know the reason why blacks are lagging behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world. We now know the reason, we can be at peace with ourselves , we know that the love of God is working to make right this wrong that has been done against blacks. “In righteousness, He shall lead His people.” We now know that dispensation on earth is no longer given by affinity to nature, the color of our skin, but by righteousness. It is a lie, the truth in reverse, what the devil has made of black people? This lie shall change because it is naught. See how it will change. Click Here

    A World to Come

    A time soon will come when we will be able to express ourselves from a level of love, where there is no division, free from the continual changes of nature. Jesus said: “I pray Father that they are one as we are One." We can only perceive the oneness in all if we are all imbued with the same spirit. Jesus is the pathway to the spirit of God. His teachings gave us the lifestyle that we need to achieve spiritual awareness. Hence we have achieved spiritual awareness, all of these things that kept us bound to the lower levels of life, we will leave behind. We will be as the bible says we are; one flesh, one blood and one spirit.

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