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"One small step for man and one giant leap for mankind"

We are One!
It is never about them, but for the greater whole of humanity; whatever gifts and talents they have, they know that they are not fulfilling their purpose unless their gifts and talents are used to bless humanity, improve lives, change the human condition, make people happy or in someway add value to life. It is unacceptable that in this day of age that a child can loose his life using a toilet, doing what nature condemns all of us to do, get rid of waste from the body. Something simple as creating a decent toilet for people to use; they still cannot do. Waste management is still a problem for most countries of the Third World. People cannot create decent toilets in many countries of the Third World. God wants to empower them to create first class world, Better Living World to live. Those that are far behind, He wants to infuse them with His spirit, quicken them, increase their cognitive ability, give them the intuitive capacity to solve problem, overcome obstacles, give them the power to create first class world, Better Living World to live.

We are about wholeness
Some people are about heaven, living today, but preparing for heaven and others are all about the now, the present, nothing for them beyond the present. They live today and they died; nothing in them lives for tomorrow. Our site is in the middle, we are helping people reconnect with the spirit of God that can not only empower them to create first class world to live, but also allow their consciousness to live on. Two things we will explore in this page, what gives us the rights to create first class world to live and how do our consciousness continue to live after we died. “The just shall inherit the earth ” “And the soul that sins, is the soul that dies”; these two verses validate what we are discussing on this page. They tell us who has the rights to the blessing of God or the power to create first class world to live and how we can go on living, retaining our consciousness after we died. God wants a whole humanity moving forward; every gift, every talent is given to us to bless others so that humanity as a whole can move forward.

Three Things:
#1_Who gets to participate in the blessing of God? It is very simple; it is the past that is holding you; hence you accept God’s plan to remove you from under this system of things, you can be in the blessing. It is the past that is keeping you prisoner of this system of things. The system operates on what was and no longer is; you become fuel for it hence you miss your mark and not be where God wants you to be.

#2_Who gets to stay in the blessing? it is again very simple; only those who follow God’s way of doing things. God has a certain way of doing things; there is a certain standard, there is a measure of justice and righteousness that you required to have to operate under His direction. The good news is that, the moment that you accept His plan, Jesus will work on you and so transformed that you will automatically know what is pleasing to God or not. “The just shall inherit the earth”; meaning that you will be declared righteous, the moment that you accept God’s plan. He will infuse you with His spirit and you will automatically know what to do, what is acceptable to Him, His way of doing things.

#3_who gets to keep their memory after they leave their body? This is the real death or who will remember who they were when God gives them a new body? It is very simple; understand the cause of death is to also to understand the solution to death. Separation got us to forget the awareness of who we are, but also the eventual deterioration of the body to the point of its death. Death of the body is the final separation of the human spirit from the body. When the spirit of separation entered the world, it caused the human body to misalign with the human spirit which resulted in the eventual death of the body. This brings us to understand the real cause of death; God says that “The soul that sins it the one that dies”. This sin that God is referring to is the sin of separation brought into the world by the devil, who is the spirit of separation. Jesus said; “He who believes in Me shall not taste death”, not in the sense of death as we know it, as eternal separation, but his consciousness lives on; he or she will get to retain the memory of the life he or she has just lived. “I am the resurrection and the life”, this is the promise that we received from Jesus that He will give you a new body to live on and experience life again. ”I am the way and the life

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