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Why and How

<<< Click image to find your level of awareness. Human needs are also levels of awareness, the predominant need that is the driving force in your life is your level of awareness. The need that cannot be satisfied, the one that your attention is fixated on no matter what you do, is also your level of awareness. God wants the world to follow a new direction, contrary to what behavioral scientists are telling you, our needs are met by God. This is why God places constraints in our lives so that we don’t succumb to the impulses of the body. He said that He is our shepherd and we shall not want and for us to cast all of our cares upon Him. The only need left for us to fulfill is the need to be divine. God has only one need that is the need to be divine, He want us to be like Him, after His own image. These needs are arranged in hierarchical order, the need to be divine takes precedence over all other needs, this need is the first foundation for a spiritual life, second is the need for perception, seeing things, followed by the need for self control without this there is no possibility for us to be divine, then there is the need to love and be loved, this need stands between the higher world and the lower world, then there is the need for recognition, this need is the most difficult to master, most people succumb to it, this is the plight of the Middle East. Then there is the need for procreation, posterity, continuation of self, of the human specie and finally the need for subsistence, survival, this need on the material plane takes precedence over all other needs, it is instinctive, primal and it takes self control to master this need.

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  • 7... Level seven you are one with the spirit, you are a new creation born of the spirit. Divine
  • 6... Level six you are able to perceive the subteties of life, you are a perceiver. Perception
  • 5... Level Five you are a great communicator, you are able to transfer your vision through words. Communication
  • 4... Level Four you are a lover, you are passionate about whatever you set your heart to. Love
  • 3... Level Three you have arrived in a position of control, your have a need for recognition. Power
  • 2... Level Two you are driven by the need for continuity, you want posterity; you seek pleasure. Procreation
  • 1... Level One you are instinctive, the drive for self preservation overides all other need. Survival
  • 0... Climbe the seven rungs of the ladder of reconciliation, either ascending to God or descending from God. Ladder
Pin_Down “Life is a balancing act between the impulses coming from our bodies and the constraints set by God to guide our spirit”. According to behavioral scientists, human beings are motivated by needs and those needs are prioritized in a hierarchical structure where the lower needs always take precedence over the higher needs. The remedy of life is that our characters are forged between the drives coming from the impulses of the body and the constraints set by God to oppose the impulses of our bodies. How well we can walk the lines not succumbing to the impulses coming from our bodies and been able to abide by the constraints of the spirit is the remedy of life. Can we reverse the order of life; re-prioritize our needs to follow the prompting of the spirit rather than that of the body. When we follow the prompting of the spirit rather than that of the body we are re-prioritizing the order of life. Our job is to learn to acquiesce to the prompting of the spirit rather than the impulses of the flesh (body). Anything from level one to three on the ladder of awareness is of the flesh and anything from level five to seven is spiritual and level four is midway between the spirit and the flesh; can go either way. To rearrange the order of life is what God wants; this is the only path to true freedom. The aim of life is to help you climb up and down the various rungs of the ladder of awareness without you getting stuck at any level. To be fluid and flexible, able to move like the wind, unencumbered by the impulses of the flesh is what God wants. To be born of spirit is to take our clues from a higher level of awareness rather than a lower level of awareness. We know why we have third rated world in our midst; it is because some of us are stuck at one level of awareness, unable to climb up and down the ladder of awareness. At this stage, there is fixation of attention; people who are stuck at any level of the ladder of awareness only see the world through the prism of the level they are stuck on; tyrants and extremists are of that category.

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