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World Affairs:
Political_Parties Here before us, the interplay of the two forces that shaped this country, inner and outer, each represents by a Political Party. One Political Party represents the movement of the Universe expanding and the other represents the movement of the Universe contracting. One party built the country inwardly and the other projects power outwardly. President Obama was a peace president as such, he focused on rebuilding the country from a period of endless expansion, the people weary of war. Now the other party is in power; we will see another expansion, projecting power outward.

Expansion and contraction, the Universe expands and contracts, we see this process translated to us as well. We see it in our individual life, in our political parties, etc. We see under one party the country expands, stretches itself to its limits, its resources are depleted. And under another party, the country will turn inward in order to replenish its depleted resources. One party will spend the wealth that the country amassed under one party and spend it to project the country influence outward. And under another party the country will turn inward to replenish and accumulate wealth, replacing what the other party has spent. It is a play between two opposites; one is inner and the other outer.

This is the same principle of inner integrity; if the inside is in order, the outside will flourish. Unless the inside is settled, the outside will not. The country has to put its internal affairs in order first before it can be any help to other countries. One party may be willing to take risk, venture outside, engages in war, supporting other countries wars, etc., another party may not. One party may feel that it is in the best interest of the country to turn inward and rebuild what is needed to be rebuilt, replenished what is lost, etc.

World Affairs  

On Putin Russia:
Vladimir_Putin Putin is a [ ? ] , he does not understand his position. I am sure however that he is a human being, he can make adjustments. But he still represents the past and the role of leadership is entrusted upon him. He represents many who are lagging behind; they see him as their leader. His way into power has robbed many of their chances to see the future they come on this earth to create. In a way, he ingested some stability in Russia, because the people who are holding on to the past were becoming restless. They could not keep up with those who were progressing forward too fast. He manipulated his way into power to lead them. Eventually, the past was going to clash with the present. Those who were moving forward; were out pacing those who wanted to live in the reality of the past. There is an accelerated pace of living; many in Russia are not ready for it. This was the dilemma for Russia.
Putin I

Putin II

Putin III


The test of leadership: for Putin and Trump
The world will make Vladimir Putin what he is not; he has to deliver to those he represents and yet he is facing the onslaught of criticism from those he is standing in the Way. His own presence represents an obstacle in the path of those who wants to move forward. We are all parts of this game of life; we just have to know which side we stand on. Every choice we make; will either be for
life or for death. If we know the objective of the game, then we will choose appropriately. God is not God for the past, but for the present. He calls us to our future. If both leaders represent the people who are lagging behind; they must know that the objective of the game is to move people forward.
Mr. Trump was entrusted to power by the people who are lagging behind and left behind out of the Attainment of this world. They feel left out and they see in Donald Trump a leader who can represents them. The greatness that he is talking about is for them, a part of America that is not part of the present. Why are they behind; is the question? America s a whole is not behind; they are simply not part of the abundance o of America. If he tries to take them back to the reality of the past; he will fail them. If he get them to embrace the present, bring them up to the current reality; he would be a leader for them. The role of the leader is to take the people forward toward their future, not toward their past.

On Putin:
On Putin; will he take the mark of the beast, keeping people behind? Constantly fighting against a world that is trying to make him what he is not. Mr. Putin is in such position; he has to struggle so that he does not become what he is not, taken on the mark of the beast so to speak. Right now the advancing world sees him as a dark beat to avoid. The world is unfolding; we just have to wait and see how reality will unfold. We will not know the reality of the world, until we are well into it, unless God gives us a glimpse of things to come.

Increase your Perception: Sharpen your awareness
Perception your awareness, sharpen your perception: The world is unfolding; you will not know the reality of the world, until you are well into it. Right now people are reacting to changes that are taken place around them; they don't know what is and what is not. We only see the world well after it is created. Unless God gives you a glimpse of things to come; you will be in the dark. People see the reality of the world in retrospect, not head on. What matter is that you are able to perceive the subtle changes that are taken place around you, so that you can make adjustments to the reality of the world? You want to be current with the reality of the world so that you are not left behind in the reality of the past. Here are some Convergence Part I and precepts that you can add to your lifestyle. They guarantee you an increase in your cognitive ability, an increase in your intuitive capacity, giving you the quickness you need to keep up with the changes around you, however minute they are. Download for free: The Power of Convergence Part II
Rather you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Atheist; you are looking to understand the forces that affect you. Regardless of your faith, your beliefs system, your country of origin, the more you are familiar with the forces that affect you, the more fluid and flexible you will become. The easier it is for you to adjust to the changes of the world around you. Download it now

Make the principles: personal to you
Leading If you don’t care now about the world, what is happening in it; you will. The changes that are happening around the world will affect you and you will be forced to pay attention. They will impose on you, and you will have to look at them, pay attention. Make the impersonal, personal to you, become part of the head, leading humanity with Christ Jesus. There is an order, a harmony that is runing the Universe; the rules, the principles that make that order possible will not change. They are also translated to you; this is what the Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus did. They make the Universe personal to you. If you are willing to do what Jesus said, He and God will come in and take residence inside of you literally. "If you abide in my words and my words remained in you", Jesus said. Download the manual from here

You are not alone; there is a force working for your good, making sure that things don't turn as bad as they seem. Learn how to tap in that force; God is working for our good. “Until now, me and My father are busy working”, His Government must increase and your Government must decrease; He is the head of humanity, leading us to our future. “And the increase of His government shall have no end” They all scattered like sheep, each going his own way and the inequity of us all God lay on His shoulder. “In righteousness He shall lead His people”, The task of leading humanity is on Jesus Christ. The Power of Convergence will teach you how to defer your ego to Him and let Him guide you. He will use your gift and talents, the passion that He puts in your heart to work with Him so that He can help you take the world back from the devil. He will help you achieve success in whatever He assigned you to do. Get familiar with the works of the opposition, the enemy of your soul, the workings of the system that is running the world, how not to become fuel for the devil to use to run the system that is running the world. Download from here



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